Tetryon – Review

On January 8, 2010

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Tetryon – Review

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By: Adam Wiggins

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-12-09


Price: 3.99

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With the unfortunate proliferation of crap apps in the App Store comes the inevitable possibility of missing the rare gems that are truly worth every penny that we shell out in order to download them. Luckily, we here at What’s On iPhone frequently encounter a good number of well-made apps and it is our duty to give you the heads up about them–apps such as the one that I recently had the chance to try. It is called Tetryon and, right off the bat, I’m telling you that if you’re a fan of matching puzzle games, it is one of those rare gems that you simply must get.

Like its partial namesake, the classic game Tetris, Tetryon is essentially a puzzle game, but it’s a puzzle game that is far removed from any I’ve ever played before. First, the design is just magnificent. True to its scifi-ish disposition, the appearance of the game is very futuristic and even the sound effects are such as high-tech robots and machines would make. Second, and more important, Tetryon involves "glyphs" that come in different shapes and colors. These glyphs are created one after the other via a "generator," and you must drag each glyph strategically into a spot on the grid so as to instigate "reactions" that will cause some or all of the glyphs, depending on the type of reaction, to explode, thereby clearing their places on the grid and prolonging your stay within the game.

The basic or standard type of reaction is made when you come up with three identical glyphs in a row. But here’s the catch: you must have placed one of the glyphs between the other two in order to initiate the reaction. Otherwise, the glyphs will not explode. This rather simple twist plus other more challenging rules is sure to keep you engaged.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium to High. Each new level comes with a tutorial that introduces new types of reactions and other rules.

Who Is It For:Those who fancy a matching game with well-designed gameplay.

What I Like:The futuristic look and feel of the game and the myriad (and I do mean a lot) of challenging levels to play and perhaps master.

What I Don't Like:The sound effects may irk some players of the game.

Final Statement:Tetryon is an intelligently designed iPhone gaming app that is a fitting tribute to the classic puzzle games of old. If you like matching puzzle games in general like I do, you'll definitely like this gem.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Tetryon is a visually stunning, fun, fiendishly challenging puzzle game designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch.Manipulate glowing glyphs on an increasingly challenging series of game boards. Place them correctly to produce reactions, scoring points and clearing space on the board. Glyphs of the same color but different shapes can be bracketed, then later used in a large chain reaction. Use volatiles as wildcards to get out of tight spaces or make multi-color reactions. The combinations are endless!At first glance, it may look like casual puzzle games you've played before - Bejeweled, Trism, or Aurora Feint. But it also offers deep strategic elements that will tickle your mind and challenge your intellect. Like Go or chess, it's easy to learn, but difficult to master.Features:- 62 levels, starting trivially easy and ramping up to devilishly difficult- 75 glyphs and 10 volatiles for 85 distinct game pieces- Three worlds (Prototype, Kemetic, Bitcrush) each with their own visual theme and level progression- Intuitive drag-and-drop controls- Unique, other-worldly graphics and sound- Animated tutorials (can be skipped or replayed later)- Play for 3 minutes or 3 hours!

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