Textfree Unlimited -Review

On May 24, 2009

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Textfree Unlimited -Review

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By: Pinger, Inc.

Version #: 1.01

Date Released: 2009-02-27


Price: 5.99

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I am increasingly relying on text messenging to keep in touch with key family and friends. We use sms in our house so much, in fact, that we recently upgraded to a family unlimited plan. Sure it costs more, but the ability to text as much as we want without even thinking about limits or costs is a pleasure. Thanks to TextFree, however, there is another option.

The app comes in two flavors…

  • Textfree Lite has ads, no landscape keyboard and a daily limit on the number of messages you can send (15 a day).
  • Textfree Unlimited has no ads or daily message limits and a roomy horizontal keyboard.

In order for texts to truly be free people need to reply to your initial Textfree message.If, however, people send a new message to your mobile number, the message will arrive and be counted/charged as normal. If, however, friends and family are also using the app and register your number with the “Textfree to Textfree” option, you and they can text to your hearts delight.

Translation, since people who are not on Textfree still pay for texts sent and received it is to everyone’s advantage to get the app.

Setup was simple. After inputting a name for recipients to see, you input your email address so that notifications of texts can be sent. The service then sends a confirmation email which, in turn, activates the notification service. Next, you set up the service for TextFree to TextFree messenging by sending a confirmation message.

From there the service goes to work and sending messages is simple and straightforward. The pro version can be used in portrait or landscape, includes emoticons and… just works.

iPod Touch users obviously need a Wi-Fi connection to send or receive any texts.



Quick Take

Value: High.

The app is a one time fee rather than a monthy charge

Would I Buy Again: No since my wife also texts and does not have an iPhone so a family plan makes the most sense still. If she did or it were just me needed to sms, however, ABSOLUTELY!!!
Learning Curve: Low. There are a few steps to get the app working but they are straightforward
Who Is It For: People who text a lot
What I Like: Works great
What I Don’t:  What’s not to like

Final Statement: A great app that, after the initial cost of a few dollars does away with costly SMS fees. NICE!


Read the Developer's Notes:
SEND FREE TEXTS from an iPod touch or iPhone to any US mobile phone. Replies come free too!IS IT REALLY FREE?Yep, Textfree Unlimited lets you send texts for free to US mobile numbers. No charge for replies that come back through Textfree either.Textfree Unlimited does away with the ads and the daily message limits that Textfree Lite has.CAN IPOD TOUCH USERS SEND TEXTS?Sure, just make sure you’re on WiFi to send and receive text messages.HOW DO I GET NOTIFIED OF NEW MSGS?Just turn Notification ON in Options to be notified of new texts via email. This works even when you’re not in the app or your screen is off. Be sure to go to the iPhone/iPod touch Settings app and turn your New Mail sound ON.REALLY IMPORTANT STUFFIf people send a new message _to your mobile number_, it will come as a regular text and normal charges will apply. To make these messages free, get your friends on Textfree and turn on the“Textfree to Textfree” feature in Options.Your friends not on Textfree still pay normal charges for texts sent and received.We hate spam as much as you do. Pinger reserves the right to limit the number of messages sent to ensure no spam is sent using Textfree.Need help? Ask us at [email protected] and we’ll get right on it.
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