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On June 9, 2009

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textPlus-  Review  Focus on Free

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By: textPlus

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-05-31

Developer: Gogii Inc

Price: 0.00

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     I was about to write this review and it was not going to be kind.  My preliminary tests of the app were not successful.  Now, I sent random texts to people who did not know they were coming and may have just erased them.  For my final test, I contacted Dan and asked him to play along.  Then for the group texting, I used my wife’s blackjack and brought my brother into the conversation. 
     This app allows you to use texting without using a plan or a cellular network.  This means the app also works on the touch.  You must be on wifi while using it though.  The texts are unlimited and work surprisingly well.  The recipients get a strange number like 60611003.  The message starts off with your name (Travis Ehrlich (via GOGII)) then displays your message.  You might want to explain this to people before you send so they don’t delete them as spam when they see the number.  Another great thing about this app is that your friends do not need to install anything.  It uses real SMS to send and receive.  If you have text you can have a text sent to you when you have a message in the settings.  At first I wondered why I need the app then!  Skip to the group texting portion of the review to see why. 
     I first tested the app using one on one messaging to Dan.  He received the message in a timely manner and replied.  I received the reply in less than a minute.  The real SMS text notification actually came quicker than the in app message.  Now, I have unlimited texting and do not really need this function, but if you have limited or no texting or a touch, this allows you to communicate with your friends easily.  You may even use the app for regular texting if you like to type in landscape mode as the app will do landscape.  Easy and clean from Texas to New Jersey.
     The real reason I am giving the app 4 stars is for the group chatting option.  Once you send a text, there is an option to add more participants by pressing the familiar plus sign in the upper portion of the window.  You can add people from your contacts or manually enter a number.  That person then receives a text asking them to enter a name and reply.  By replying, their name is added to the conversation for all parties and is basically them accepting being in the conversation.  Everyone who is a part of the conversation will see all texts added and it will give the name of the person sending it.  In the app, it is a threaded text message with the name of the participant above their text.  Very slick and amazing.  I was watching the conversations on both the iPhone as well as another phone and it was easy to follow on both accounts.   This was very similar to a chat session and could be very valuable to many situations.  Yes, this thing actually worked!!
     TextPlus is free.  You cannot go wrong with it.  If it does not work for you, simply delete it!  Try the group texting option and let us know what you think.

Quick take:
Value:  Very high considering it is completely free!
Would I buy again?  In a heatbeat.
Learning Curve:  Low if you have ever sent a text.
Who is it for?  Anyone with limited or no texting and touch users.  Also, anyone wanting to use group texting.
What I like:  It works!  Group texting is amazing.
What I don’t:  Could not get it to work well when all parties weren’t ready for the texts.

Read the Developer's Notes:
textPlus is the fastest, easiest, FREEestway to send UNLIMITED text messages fromyour iPod touch or iPhone.textPlus brings REAL GROUP CONVERSATIONSto SMS. With textPlus, everyone seesevery reply -- like a chat room in text. Nomore he-said-she-said!LANDSCAPE MODE makes writing texts funagain, whether you’re talking to onefriend or several.FEATURES:- Free to download, free to use- Unlimited text messages- Group or one-on-one SMS conversations- Brings real text messaging to the iPodtouch- Send texts over wifi -- no cell, edge or 3G required!- Landscape mode for writing texts- SMS Notifications so you know when texts come in- Add friends to existing 1-on-1 or group conversations- Uses real SMS, so your friends don’t need to install anything!*Std text msg rates apply only when using optional SMS Notifications. 
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