The Farm HD for iPad Review

On June 26, 2011

App Type: iPad

The Farm HD for iPad Review

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By: Breek

Version #: 1.3

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Developer: By Breek

Price: $3.99

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There are three options when you start The Farm HD, one is animals,then there’s flip book and the other is Quizz. If you click animals, you gets drawings of animals and if you click on, say, a cow, then it will make a cow sound. Basically, it’s an old fashioned picture book, even the drawings are kind of old fashioned, and the farm as well, but one you can flick through on your iPad and there are sounds and a quiz.

The quiz was a bit weird. There’s a child’s voice that appears to be saying “Push this” and then there’s a sound, and if you pick correctly, it’s supposed to say the name of the animal. But it’s very, very difficult to hear what the child is saying. Luckily, I can read, but for a toddler (and I guess they’re the target audience) this may be a bit confusing.

The graphics are lovely, and I see the whole educational thing for kids. It’s also great that they have it in four different languages: French, English, Portuguese and German, as the developers are each from those countries. This will help your kid learn these languages. Educationally, this is a sound app, but I thought it was a bit dull and they could’ve done more. The same developers, Breek, also made The Zoo HD and I enjoyed that app a lot more because the games were funnier. Then again they made Zoo after Farm, so maybe these apps are just getting better and better. Still a bit expensive at $3.99.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars

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