The Million Review – Not exactly a lottery

On June 11, 2012

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The Million Review – Not exactly a lottery

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By: Addictive Prod

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2012-06-06

Developer: Addictive Prod

Price: Free

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I honestly do not see the point of The Million other than for entertainment purposes, but it does have a feel good factor about itself.

With such a misleading title, one might be compelled to think The Million is one of those lotto apps where users have a one-in-a-million chance at winning a million dollars or something along those lines. Au contraire, The Million is but a money counter app where it tells you how much you are worth financially at the moment.

Simply input your annual income and The Million processes it and breaks it down into how much you earn per hour, per minute, and per second. While to be honest there is hardly much of a point to this, it does make you feel rather pleased as you see your net worth slowly increasing as every second flies by.

Extra features include allowing you to document your expenses so as to make your net worth a little more accurate as well as having the ability to compare, in real time, your net worth versus that of a friend.

Since The Million is a free app, it wouldn’t harm downloading it for the fun either. It actually comes across as being motivating of sorts to see your financial value steadily increase and can in a way increase confidence.

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Would I Buy Again:No

Learning Curve:N.A

Who Is It For:The working population

What I Like:How the app makes you feel good about yourself financially

What I Don't Like:Misleading name

Final Statement:How much did you lose while reading this?

Read the Developer's Notes:
"You will never lose a second of your life again ... since it makes you earn so much."

Reach The Million is the genuine App which enables you to see how much you are worth in one second!
The graphical interface offers you to store your annual income so that it will unfold in the form of a counter in seconds, minutes or hours. More than merely reading it, you can change the combination when you want by inserting the occasional earnings or capital losses to your liking. They are automatically taken into account by the counter which adjusts itself according to them.

How much are you worth compared with a politician, a prima donna, an athlete or one of your friends? Reach the Million enables you to pit your earnings against those of the person of your choice by displaying two counters in parallel: who will be the best?

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A sensational message, a wish to surprise? Mode "guest" enables you to share your performance on Twitter, Facebook or by email. Astonish your network by sending them what you earn in one second! An answer is expected soon....

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