Tilt It – Review

On January 16, 2009

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Tilt It – Review

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By: Matthew Harris

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-17


Price: 1.99

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Tilt It! is probably as basic a game as you can get. It’s an iPhone remake of a popular carnival game where you drop a ball in and it simply falls down bouncing off a series of pegs before landing in one of many holes in the bottom of the game. Based on which hole your ball would land in you would receive a prize, or no prize. Tilt It! takes the same concept and puts it on the iPhone, with a bit of a twist.

Controls on Tilt It! are impossible to not understand. Tapping anywhere at the top of the board will drop a disc in that location, and yes you can drop multiple discs at a time if you choose to. As your disc falls and bounces off the pegs placed throughout the board you can tilt the phone one way or the other to aide the disc in falling the direction you want. On the bottom of the board are sections with a number in each. Sections are worth anywhere between 5,000 and 20,000 positive or negative points, green for positive and red for negative, and you CAN go in the negative. Also some sections feature single numbers between one and five with a blue disc behind them. If the number is in red, you LOSE that many discs, and green you GAIN that many extra discs. The entire objective of the game is to score 40,000 points, at which point you move on to the next level. The game has a series of ten levels, all with different backgrounds or builds, and even a few ways for your disc to get stuck and become unusable.Unfortunately, if you have bad luck one game and run out of discs before reaching the ultimate 40,000 points, that’s all she wrote, game over. You will be forced to start over from level one and do it all again.


Value: Low:Medium

Would I Buy Again: With a save/load feature added and more levels, Yes.

Learning Curve: None-Very Easy

Who Is It For: Anyone and Everyone

My Likes: Very simple game, yet fun. Adds a twist of being able to tilt the board

My Dislikes:
Only ten levels, no save/load feature

Final Statement
: Tilt It! is a fun game, with a lot of potential. It wouldn’t take much to make Tilt It! a great game for anyone. Hopefully with a few updates they will add more levels, and with it the ability to pick up where you left off, because it is very aggravating to be on level nine and be forced to start over again simply because you have a bad round.

Rating: 2 ½

Read the Developer's Notes:
Much like a classic Pachinko game,“Tilt It!” is played by dropping discs down a pegged board for prizes. Utilizing the iPhone’s amazing motion sensor technology, the player can tilt the board back and forth to guide the disc into the correct slot. Using realistic physics, “Tilt It!” provides a unique experience play afterplay.Features- 10 beautiful scrolling backgrounds- 10 progressively harder levels- 10 unique designs for each level- Particle System- Realistic physics- MusicEnjoy this fun physics based game!
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