TimeMe -The Calendar Search Engine for iPhone Review

On January 17, 2011

App Type: iPhone

TimeMe -The Calendar Search Engine for iPhone Review

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By: Markus Flandorfer

Version #: 1.0

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Developer: By Markus Flandorfer

Price: $0.99

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Do you find that the busy chaos of your live causes you to have to keep multiple calendars? If so, you probably have to check multiple sources to look for conflicts when making plans. This is the exact situation that Markus Flandorfer plans to solve with his app TimeMe – The Calendar Search Engine.

When you first start the app you must connect it to your calendars. This includes giving it permission to search your iOS calendars, as well as connecting to your, and other’s Google calendars. There isn’t any support for CalDAV or any other online calendars, but if you can sync the calendars to the iOS built in calendar, then it will become searchable through TimeMe. When you do a search for a date and time, TimeMe will look for events that occur at or around that time. It will lists them, and if there are no problems you can even add events to your iOS calendars right from the app.

TimeMe is certainly a type of app that will cater to a very specific group of people. Most individuals find ways to reconciles their calendars into one system, or they import them to keep them synced. TimeMe needs to add connections to more online services to really become the indisposable search engine that it wants to be for corporate users. If the services that TimeMe provides now are ones you use and you want to have a central searching tool for all of your calendars, TimeMe is only $.99 and could be a real time saver when making plans.

We rate this app 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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