Tiny Aliens – Review – Cute and extremely lovable

On September 17, 2012

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Tiny Aliens – Review – Cute and extremely lovable

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By: Gamzio, Inc

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-08-28

Developer: Gamzio, Inc

Price: 0.99

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It’s rare to find a game in this era where aliens are not depicted as savage, flesh hunting monsters but instead portrayed as cutesy little creatures that make you melt within. However, that’s just what Tiny Alien does with its game characters. However, despite the lovable appearance, actual gameplay itself is a tad disappointing.

Essentially a fancy and pimped out version of ‘join the dots’, Tiny Alien has players drop said aliens around in maps so that they line up nicely forming a line between some power source and their space ship. Each item is designated a limited field of influence, whereby these fields have to lie within range or each other for them to line up. Players do this by tapping on platforms which removes them, so that the aliens are moved around accordingly.

The game disappoints because levels are extremely repetitive and the novelty factor wears off pretty quickly. Also, there is hardly any bit of excitement in this game besides the occasional random obstacle that causes you to bungle up. Playing the game felt more like merely going through motions to me, and while it did help me in moments where I was bored and wanted to while away time, this still isn’t quite the game that will pop up in my mind when my fingers are itchy for something casual to play on the fly.

At $0.99, I personally wouldn’t recommend this download. While gameplay itself is rather special, the game bores quickly and I would think this app would only appeal to the younger ones for its sheer over-simplicity.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:No.

Learning Curve:Simple.

Who Is It For:Casual gamers.

What I Like:The gameplay mechanism is rather unique.

What I Don't Like:Game bores quickly. Lack of variety.

Final Statement:When your official app website link leads to a Facebook page, you know not to expect to much.

Read the Developer's Notes:
***** BRAND NEW *******

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"Creates a very fun atmosphere with its graphics and sounds... Definitely worth the $0.99 price tag" -148Apps

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