Train Conductor – Review

On December 26, 2009

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Train Conductor – Review

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By: The Voxel Agents

Version #: 1.0 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-12-18


Price: 1.99

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Remember when you were young and you always looked forward to Christmas because of the wonderful toys you know you’d be getting? Specifically, do you remember that one Christmas morning when you woke up and opened your present under the tree and you were extremely blissed out to find that Santa finally granted your wish for a magnificent railroad train set? Of course you do! We all have fond memories of playing with our beloved miniature locomotives for hours on end when we were just kids, and being able to relive those fun moments of building tracks and going "choo-choo" like crazy seems to be what our friends at The Voxel Agents had in mind when they developed their new game, Train Conductor.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about Train Conductor when you first "unwrap" it is its overall look and feel. The composition of the graphics is excellent and you can tell that a great amount of thought was devoted to ensuring that the game looks smooth and squeaky clean. The animations are quite good and even the Australian backdrops are well drawn. The design is simply brilliant. Fortunately, the same can also be said of the gameplay.

In Train Conductor, your basic task is to, well, conduct trains by properly directing them to their corresponding tracks. Initially, a set of empty, numbered horizontal tracks appear on screen. Then trains, also numbered, will come into view. It is your job, as train conductor, to guide train no., say, 3 to track no. 3 by conjuring a connecting track between track no. 3 and the track where train no. 3 is currently on. And there’s a very intuitive way to do this: simply drag train no. 3 towards track no. 3. The game employs an evolving gameplay so you’ll be informed of this basic instruction right from the beginning and of other important rules and tips as you progress and as the game becomes more and more challenging–and addictive.

Mind you, the game is not as easy as it sounds and I myself am surprised to find myself playing it for hours on end, not unlike the wonderful steam engine I used to play with as a child.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes,

Learning Curve:Low. The evolving gameplay walk-throughs will see to that.

Who Is It For:People (who may or may not be fans of train sets) seeking to play a nice and truly addictive touch-and-drag game.

What I Like:The very good graphics, the increasingly challenging gameplay, and the alternate Ghost World mode, which may be easier (since ghost trains don't crash into one another) but no less addictive than the Daytime mode.

What I Don't Like:The fact that I haven't successfully finished one of the more challenging levels in Daytime mode (read: I am incompetent in avoiding train collisions).

Final Statement:Train Conductor is basically a matching game that is fortunately on the right track.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Deliver trains to their destinations in 8 levels of evolving gameplay, including a complete parallel ghost world, online Plus+ leaderboards and so much more.Become a Train Conductor today! Deliver trains with the swipe of a finger, avoid disastrous collisions and collect experience points to unlock new levels.????? FEATURES ?????? Complete parallel GHOST WORLD!? Online Plus+ leaderboards - compare scores with friends? 8 levels to unlock, each with their own unique challenges? Wide variety of conditions; Gold Rush Trains, Demon Trains, Ghost Trains and different weather patterns? Lush handcrafted 3D graphics, gorgeous environmental effects and ambienceAND MORE!? Use Fast-Forward to speed up trains but not time? Get on a winning streak and increase your score multiplier? Create multiple profiles on one device? Use multi-touch controls like an octopus player!? Discover 4 iconic Australian locations; Sydney Harbour, the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef!? Experience authentic steam trains and sounds effects? Enjoy the quirky original soundtrack (or play your own music)Train Conductor adds BRAND NEW elements to the traffic management genre:? The Graveyard Shift is all about fast reflexes. Ghost trains don't crash, which allows you to focus on delivering them to their destinations at breakneck speeds!? Simply swipe to create railroad connections in a totally new way!? Fast forward speeds up trains but not time, so the faster you go the higher your score for the day? Deliver trains in streaks to increase the score multiplier? Collect experience points and unlock new levelsFirst there were planes, then there were boats, and finally there are trains! Complete the set!!

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