Trivial Pursuit – Review

On May 5, 2009

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Trivial Pursuit – Review

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By: Trivial Pursuit

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-04-23

Developer: Electronic Arts

Price: 4.99

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     I must begin with a background of me and Trivial Pursuit. I love playing Trivial Pursuit. My family hates to play against me. In fact, in college my roommate and I had the boxes of cards on our coffee table. On evenings we were just hanging out we would trade questions for hours. If you match my love for trivial information, this review is a must read! If not, please keep reading with an understanding of my enthusiasm.
      If you have played Trivial Pursuit, the game will look very familiar. EA did a great job replicating the look and style of the board game. The look is inhanced with nice audio and animations. Questions are asked in multiple choice format. This worried me prior to playing but the level of questions create a great challenge. Questions closely match the difficulty of playing the board game version.
      The iPhone version gives several options which work well as a video game. The game can be played in a traditional manner with the familiar board and game pieces. You are able to play alone or play a friend over WiFi or with pass and play. Basically it is identical to playing the Genus version. Collect the six wedges and return to the middle for for the win. Trivial Pursuit players will recognize the colors and categories. And yes, the pink (Entertainment) is my weak spot.
      My favorite game mode is Pursuit Mode. There is a straight game board set up. You have a timer as you answer questions. The faster you answer the question, the higher your role. The goal is to reach the end of the puzzle in the fewest numbe of questions. A set number of questions determines if a gold, silver or bronze medal is earned. You must earn a medal to advance to the next level. There are 25 levels. I finished all 25 levels and now I am working to get a gold in each level.
      I have been very adicted to this game and love playing.  I do hope EA will roll out updates with new questions even though I have not seen any repeated questions yet.  If you are a fan of trivial information, this is a must buy!  The app is beautiful and well worth the cost.

Quick Take:

Value:  Very High

Would I buy again?  Yes!!!

Learning Curve:  How much trivial information do you know?

Who is it for?  Trivia buffs.

What I like:  It is Trivial Pursuit!  No need to say more!

What I don’t:  I keep running my battery down playing the game too much!

Final Statement:  I realize this is a niche game.  If you enjoy trivia, it is the game for you.  EA did an amazing job putting this game together.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Knowledge meets fun in this stylish version of the classic! With over 3,500 text and picture questions, you’ll never run out of answers! Stunning 3D graphics and rich sound effects immerse you in the game. Feeling nostalgic? Play a round in Classic Mode. In the mood for something new? Test your wit in Pursuit Mode. Fuel your competitive side with WIFI capability for up to four players and Pass and Playfor up to six. Answer fun and challenging questions correctly and get your piece of the pie!; Over 3,500 questions including 2,900 text and 600 picture questions; WiFi MP for up to four (4) players; Pass&Play MP for up to six (6) players•Simple and intuitive touchscreen controls•Exciting 3D visuals and sound effects•Features and Game Modes enhance replayability and depthCheck out other exciting EA iPhone™ and iPod® touch games:Tetris®, SPORE™ Origins, MONOPOLY: Here&Now The World Edition, SCRABBLE™, YAHTZEE Adventures, SimCity™ and Sudoku.Coming Soon: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR by EA SPORTS™.
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