Trustr for iPhone Review

On June 29, 2012

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Trustr for iPhone Review

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Trust is something we give each day without even thinking about it. We trust that others will obey traffic lights, and we trust that the data in our iOS devices is secure. With how much of our lives are placed digitally on our iPhones and iPads, it is smart to make know if the apps we use are treating our data with the care and privacy it deserves. With stories of privacy changes and data breaches so frequent, it can be hard to stay up to date with what which apps should be avoided and which can be trusted.

Rookie ApS is a newcomer to the app store with very little information about them on their website. Their only product is the Trustr security app that gives you a quick and easy way to look at insecure or potentially harmful apps that are installed on your device. The description on the app store and on their website is a bit vague, but I gather that the app looks at your installed apps and then compares it to a list of alerts.

There are three sections that Trustr monitors. The first is security problems. An example is insecure storage of the app’s data (this included your personal information that is stored locally). Another alert that came up was UDID tracking which isn’t necessarily a problem for most people, but is something to be aware of, and it something Apple is moving developers away from.

The second section is Malicious Apps. This will alert you to apps that are known to be stealing personal data, or giving hackers access to your phone remotely. This section is very important as you will want to remove these apps as quickly as possible.

The final section is a list of apps that did have problems, but have since been patched and are now safe to use. This section tells you what version patched the vulnerability and also lets you know the latest version that is available. It doesn’t tell you what version you are running, but it will send you to the app store to update to the latest.

In all the section you can tap on the issues to see a short description of what the problem is. For example, Trustr pointed out that my WordPress app stored data insecurely. When looking at the description it was more specific and said only the username and blog drafts were stored unencrypted. While this is not a problem for me, It is good that the information is made available so that each person can assess if the data is the kind that needs to be protected.

The app is drop dead easy to use, and the information is laid out in a clean and easy to read fashion. My only concern about the app is the lack of information about the company behind it. For a security minded company, you would think they would be more open about who they are, and how their app works. We must also be able to trust the developer to give us accurate information about the apps. There is lite version you can download that will run the report, but you will have to shell out four bucks to enjoy all the information that Trustr has to offer.

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