ubique: Because The World Can Actually Revolve Around You

On November 8, 2010

App Type: iPhone

ubique: Because The World Can Actually Revolve Around You

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By: Felix Lamouroux

Version #: 1.2

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Price: 1.99

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Have you ever wanted to know some finer details about a neighborhood or area that you are exploring? Often it means simply walking around and hoping to stumble on a good find, but with the ubique app you can simply “dial up” a request and be guided to the destination.

What is the ubique app? It is an augmented reality app that features an innovative transparent map and a disc control feature that allows the user to dial in the precise item they want to see. For example, let’s say you are standing on the South Bank of the Thames River; you could hold up the device and watch as a transparent map showing your current location appeared along the bottom of the screen. You could then turn the dial along the bottom to food, drinks, or other options such as Wikipedia. As you did this, appropriate indicators would appear on the map showing you where you might find some interesting sights, a good bar, or a delicious meal. Tapping on an item also shows the distance from which the user is from it, and will even function as a navigational tool as well.

There are other navigational and mapping apps, but the ubique app is truly designed to function entirely around the individual user and their current location.

The app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and works with English and German languages.

The cost for the app is $1.99 and all updates are free of charge.

When you need some information about your current whereabouts, the ubique app can really come in handy.

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