Underworld Empire Review – Guns, babes and fast cars

On January 31, 2013

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Underworld Empire Review – Guns, babes and fast cars

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By: Phoenix Age, Inc.

Version #: 1.1.0

Date Released: 2013-01-14

Developer: Phoenix Age, Inc.

Price: Free

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One of those click and wait games, expect to spend many hours exploring Underworld Empire.

The storyline involves the typical protagonist wanting to avenge his murdered father and thus joining the triads tale, add in hot ladies and some gang murdering violence and you have your perfect concoction to grab attention.

Actual game play revolves around completing tasks that require next to no effort at all. Simply click on the job you wish to accomplish and click through a couple of loading screens and you’re done. However, each attempt at completing a job costs energy which takes time to refill. This can prove to be a hindrance to completing the game as energy is expended quickly and not recouped as fast as you would want to. Of course, in-app purchases will grant an added bonus of as much energy as you can afford which brings me to my next point.

The focus on in-app purchases is very strong in this game. Within the first minute of playing the game I was already presented with an attempt to goad me into spending real cash. When choosing and ally the free options were all similarly themed mobsters but with an in-app purchase costing $2.99 I could get the police to stand on my side.

Sounds like a cheap deal doesn’t it? To have the cops openly supporting my underground activities for a mere three dollars.

Of course as the game progresses and you rise up in rank through the gang hierarchy, you get to upgrade yourself. However, non of these ‘upgrades’ seem to make much of a difference to me because the game does not allow for actual real-time game play but instead, everything is simulated.

However, if you do have lots of free time to spare, this is one free app you may want to consider getting.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:High. Things get very complicated with many ongoing events running at once.

Who Is It For:Gamers with lots of time

What I Like:The depth and complex storyline of the game has plenty to offer

What I Don't Like:Too much emphasis on in-app purchases

Final Statement:Guns, babes and cars. Every man's dream come true.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Play with MILLIONs of players NOW in the LARGEST, most INTENSE, SOCIAL CRIME MMO!
Lead your EMPIRE members to DOMINATION!

Choose your allegiances to the different criminal empires: the diabolical CARTEL, the sinister SYNDICATE, the ruthless MAFIA, or the battle-tested STREET GANGS!

ANNIHILATE and EXECUTE other real LIVE players!

? Recruit your friends to build the most powerful EMPIRE in the game!
? Climb the LEADERBOARD and collect ACHIEVEMENTS to compete with your friends!
? Defeat your adversaries and challenging BOSSES to get access to powerful WEAPONS, CARS and MORE!
? Get FREE and FREQUENT updates with new missions, bosses, and so MUCH MORE!

????? ".. this is likely the casual MMO you’ve been waiting for.” –Gamezebo.com

????? "There is so much to do in Underworld that is surprising that you don’t need to pay to play this game.” –Gamepudding.com

This is an ONLINE game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play this game.

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