Veek Review – Check new places without moving from your sofa

On November 17, 2014
Veek Review – Check new places without moving from your sofa

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By: wawanz

Version #: 1.1.7

Date Released: 2014-10-29

Developer: Veek

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Did you grow up watching Dragon Ball Z? Or are you closer to being a Star Trek fan? In both cases you’ve probably had a longing. Teleporting (either in the beam me up, Scotty or the instant transmission type) would be awesome, we all agree. But for now, we are restricted to being here, now, and wait until scientists work some more quantum mechanics. And while we wait, we could instead use Veek.

What is Veek? It’s hard to tell without an example. Say you’ve heard about a wonderful restaurant on the other side of town. You don’t feel like going there, looking around and deciding you don’t like the place (what a waste of time!), but you’ve heard many good things. The urge of checking on it rises, but you don’t want to possibly waste a perfectly good afternoon… Enter Veek. Veek combines the good things of two location-aware juggernauts: Foursquare and Instagram. Look for a place in the map (which in turn is powered by the fast improving, soon awesome Apple Maps) and you’ll get its Foursquare details, together with pictures people have taken there from Instagram (and Foursquare.) Check the venue, check the menu and critiques. All in one place. Your pocket, actually.

If you are a frequent flyer it gets even better. You just booked a hotel in the other side of the world. Check its neighbourhood with Veek. Find good eating venues, museums, cinemas, bars. Anything: plan your trip from the comfort of your sofa. Be there, without being there (yet). And no teleportation needed.

Since Veek relies on two giants for its data, it works perfectly almost anywhere in the world. As long as there is a Foursquare point of interest, you can “be there.” Unrestricted as it is, you can easily plan longer trips with it, just by checking interesting places in your destination country or city.

Currently Veek is available on iPhones (it looks good on 2x on retina iPads though) and is soon coming to Android (if Android is your thing.) And the iOS version is in constant improvement. Want a feature? Ask for it! Oh, and it’s free with an occasional ad. Not a big deal for such an useful app!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:It's free, but I would pay for it

Learning Curve:Very small

Who Is It For:Not for young kids, aside that, anyone

What I Like:It does very well what it does

What I Don't Like:A full iPad version would be nice

Final Statement:A great, great idea and execution

Read the Developer's Notes:
You’ve just extended your field of vision.

Veek is a simple but revolutionary new discovery tool that takes your travel and social media experience to the next level. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a travel x-ray. Don’t just read about places. See them. Right now. The good, the bad and the surprising.

Discover people, places, ideas.
A whole new way of previewing the world.
A visual reconnaissance tool at your fingertips.

Engineer: Darmawan Zaini @wawanz
Engineer: Dennis Farandy @dennisfarandy
UI/UX Designer: Wieky Azza @wiqzz

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