Vringo – Who’s calling me? – Review

On December 14, 2008

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Vringo – Who’s calling me? – Review

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By: Vringo Inc.

Version #: 1.0.102

Date Released: 2008-08-24

Developer: Vringo

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Are you a Facebook fanatic? Do you want to have pictures for your contacts on your iPhone but can’t gather every one of your friends to strike a pose? If you fall in the aforementioned questions, then you’re in luck.
I remember creating an account with Facebook and before I knew it, I was taking screen shots of each picture of my friends (amazingly all using Facebook) to fill in the missing photo’s in my address book. A few weeks later, I stumble across Vringo and essentially, it’s an application that did what I was doing manually.

At first use, I was a bit skeptical. I mean how did it do it? How accurate could this be? For starters, it’s really a no brainer. Obviously, you have to have a Facebook account and in my opinion, the more friends you have in Facebook, the better chances of it matching a majority of your friends in your address book.

Upon launching the application, you are presented with three options.

1. Refresh Contacts
2. Update Matches
3. Re-sync

You first refresh your contacts to tie in your address book with your friends on Facebook. This will upload your contacts from your iPhone. You get a small disclaimer that Vringo won’t use your information other than for the purpose to help you match Facebook photos and within a couple minutes (depending your contacts size) you will be presented with the photos that it has found on Facebook and matches it with what you have on your address book.

From here, you then have the option to select which contacts you truly want to give a photo contact which is a good thing to do because on Facebook, some people tend to update their photos frequently and if you prefer an older photo, you may want to not update that specific contact. Once you are satisfied with your selections, you can then proceed to “sync” your contacts and you’re done!

Seems fairly simple? It’s is. I didn’t see any discrepancies with my contacts mismatching or just any weird problems with it and in one sweep, I managed to put photos in all my photos without my initial manual hassle.

Quick Take:
Would I Buy Again: Free
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Facebook users who want to update their iPhone address book with photos.
What I like: Simple and works wonderfully
What I Don’t: Nothing.

Final Statement: I would definitely recommend this application. I keep thinking that there is more that this application should offer but seriously, do you need anything else for it to do?

Read the Developer's Notes:
If you have a Facebook account you’re going to love" Vringo– Who’s Calling me? "It automatically saves your friends'Facebook profile pictures to the contacts on your iPhone. Presto! Every time one of your Facebook friends call you, their picture will appear full screen on your phone. Who has time to take pictures of each of their friends, and assign them to contacts? Let Vringo do them all for you instantly!


- Simple to use

- Automatic best-guess matching between Facebook friend name and contact name

- Can review matches and stop any individual match from updating the contact

- Easy to update and add new friends

- Vringo does not store any of your Facebook account information

- This is a perfect complement for Facebook on your iPhone. It brings your Facebook experience on the iPhone to a whole new level!
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