War of Words Free – the crossword game with bombs! for iphone, ipad Review

On December 10, 2011

App Type: iPhone

War of Words Free – the crossword game with bombs! for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Wolf Studios, LLC

Version #: 3.0.3

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Developer: By Wolf Studios, LLC

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When it comes to the iOS, Scrabble-clones are a dime a dozen. Most are just content to give you the basic Scrabble experience with the ability to play against people from around the world. War of Words hopes to differentiate itself from the throngs of other crossword board games with a distinctly aggressive game play that rewards you not only for having a large vocabulary, but for sticking it to your opponent.

The board for War of Words will be familiar to anyone who has played Scrabble or any of its clones. There are placed on the board for multiple word and letter score and you must play your words off of the existing words. There are several variations that help add spice to the game with blockades or odd placement of the bonuses as well as what kind of special tiles are available, but that is just a hint of what War of Words has up its sleeves.

Once the game begins you are given eight tiles with which to create your word. You may also get one of several special tiles which are the heart of what makes War of Words different from other crossword games. Whether it is the mine which you lay in hopes that your opponent places tiles on it, or the good old bomb that lets you destroy previously placed tiles and steal points from the other player, there are plenty of “gotcha” tiles to be had that will either make things difficult, or steal points from the other player. If you forget the how to play a particular tile you can easily look up the help by holding on the tile. The tutorials are easy to follow and they illustrate exactly how the tile works.

War of Words can be played as a pass and play, or your can play online against Gamecenter friends and random opponents. The asynchronous multiplayer that has become so popular with turn based games on the iPhone works well notifying you when it is your turn. When playing random players, it is advisable to play several games at once since players may not respond quickly with their next moves. This can be frustrating if you are not busy and want to play a fast game but is nice when you are busy since there is no pressure to make your move until you have had time to think. War of Words is a free game with add support, but if you want to show the developer how much you like the game you can remove the ads with a $1.99 IAP. If you like crossword battle games and the letters on your scrabble board have worn away with use, then I suggest you give this game a try and see if the aggressive gameplay helps to refresh a classic board game.

We rate this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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