WI Guitar – Review

On March 17, 2011

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WI Guitar – Review

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By: Wallander Instruments

Version #: 1.01

Date Released: 2011-03-08


Price: 19.99

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I freely admit that as of this writing I have not yet tried the new version of GarageBand for iOS.  However, for the guitar aficionado, Wallander Instruments have made themselves a superior product for the guitar and this one will even play universally on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It’s about the most realistic guitar experience one can have on their iPhone.  It’s easy to strum and the large buttons along the app make it easy to change the key for the chords.  My music experience is limited (I have never played a guitar myself but have seen them many times) but the interface of this app makes it very easy to pick it up and understand some of the major concepts. 

For example, basic cords (F, G, Dm, etc.) have their own buttons. Holding down one of these buttons allows you to play that chord. The additional circular buttons (sus4, add9, 7 and maj7) add the possibility to play several variations on the currently selected chord, such as C7, Fsus4, etc.

The app is intended for guitarists who know what they’re doing, just in case they’re travelling and don’t actually have a guitar handy. 

It even includes such capabilities not found in competitors as dynamic strumming – it lets you play softly by strumming soft or hardly by strumming hard and fast;  strumming or plucking farther or closer to the wooden board also makes the sound dramatically changes.

For those amateurs that may want to splurge the $20, there are other apps in the App Store for learning how to play.

Admittedly, the cost of this app is high, but the target market is experienced guitarists and the app costs a bit less than a guitar.  For those guitarists that find $20 a little steep, there is a free version of the app with limited capabilities so you can try before you buy.  You’ll be pounding out "Stairway to Heaven" on the iPhone or iPad before you know it.

Want to win a free copy of WI Guitar? Check out this link.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Sure.

Learning Curve:Medium.

Who Is It For:Guitar aficionados or those that want to learn.

What I Like:Very realistic guitar interface.

What I Don't Like:Would be nice if some guitar lessons were included.

Final Statement:This app could very well be the introduction for the next Eddie Van Halen.

Read the Developer's Notes:
WI Guitar™ is the first truly playable virtual acoustic guitar app.

Based on revolutionary patent-pending sample technology, WI Guitar has the sound and expressiveness of a real steel-stringed guitar.

Does this sound too good to be true? It is not, and we can honestly say you need to try this app to believe it! This is why we also offer a free version, for everyone who wants to try this amazing instrument!

With WI Guitar, you can strum chords as softly or as hardly as you like, with ultra-realism. Hooked up to loudspeakers, WI Guitar is the perfect replacement for a real guitar at the party, or even in a band. Use headphones to play your favorite songs on the guitar, or write songs, on the way to work, on the airplane and everywhere else.

As an artist or songwriter, you can even use WI Guitar as a professional recording instrument. Add beautiful stereo guitar parts to your tracks!

WI Guitar includes 12 chord buttons, and the action buttons add9, sus4, 7 and maj7. In combination these give you instant access to more than 150 unique chords.

VIDEOS (also found on our web site)

Wonderwall - WI Guitar on YouTube:


Hurt - WI Guitar on YouTube:



- Strumming harder or softer also makes the sound stronger or softer.

- Pluck or strum closer to the board to get a stronger sound, and play further down on the strings to get a softer sound.

- If you release all fingers from the screen, all playing notes also released. If you want chords to sustain, press and hold the chord buttons while playing.

- Holding both the add9 and sus4 action buttons transforms from a major to a minor chord, and vice versa. Use this feature to also access the Gm, Fm, Cm and Bm chords.

- Holding both the 7 and maj7 action buttons produces an add6 chord.
What's new
- Native iPad support.

- Buttons for flat (b) and sharp (#) chords.

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