Wide Email – Review

On October 11, 2008

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Wide Email – Review

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By: Wide Email

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-25


Price: 0.99

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A huge percentage of email is read and sent from my  iPhone and iPod Touch.  It is one of the many activities that have slowly moved from my Mac onto my handhelds.  As a result, anything I can do that makes emailing easier from my iPhone is a welcome addition to my app arsenal.  Wide Mail is the latest email enhancing iPhone App I tried and I am pretty impressed.

Wide Mail adds an email feature that should have been on the iPhone from the very beginning.  It lets you type an email while the iPhone is in landscape.  That’s all it does, but that one thing is a huge convenience, as it allows me to type far faster than I can while the iPhone or Touch is in portrait.

Using the utility is simple. when you start it you are met with a “New Email” screen.  The cursor is already in the subject line waiting for you to fill it in (this is a nice feature not found on all the other landscape emailing apps recently released).

When you hit “Return” the cursor moves into the body of the email.

After typing whatever it is you want to send, you can either hit “Done” or “Send Email“.  ”Done“ saves a copy of the email as a draft (a nice feature) while ”Send Email“ opens the email in the native email app waiting for you to enter a recipient.  In addition, a comment on a recent point notes that the ability to save drafts means that  ”… you can use them as templates to sent new emails, saving lots of key strokes if you have to send similar emails to different people!“

Another plus is (as our reader soundsgoodtome points out in a recent comment) that Wide Email can also be used to reply and forward.

If you want an app that is dedicated to creating email and you like using your iPhone in landscape it just might be worth the $.99.

Quick Take

Value:  Medium to low
Would I Buy Again:  No
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for:  People who create a lot of email and like holding the iPhone/Touch in landscape
What I like: I always prefer writing text on my iPhone in landscape
What I Don’t:  This should be part of the Mail app.

Final Statement: If landscape is key for you this might be worth a look. If not, don’t bother.     


Read the Developer's Notes:
Write emails using the wider, landscape keyboard, which is easier and faster to type on than the vertical keyboard in Mail. Compose quick emails— or long letters to distant friends — while holding the phone sideways. The horizontal keyboard has wider keys that are easier to see and to hit, even for people with big thumbs. Write the email then, with one tap, transfer it to Mail to add recipients and send it. Also good for writing longer notes to yourself, or for jotting down part of a story, paper, or article when inspiration strikes, then emailing the text to yourself.

Features:• Use wider, horizontal "landscape" keyboard to write emails• Works for replying to emails from Mail, including reply all (see below)• Turn phone to any orientation (even upside down!) and interface rotates• Save drafts to finish later — great for writing long emails to friends• Automatically saves copies of sent emails, just in case• Automatically saves drafts if program is interrupted, e.g. by home keyO U R   T A K E . . .

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