Wild West Pinball – Review

On June 23, 2009

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Wild West Pinball – Review

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By: Wild West Pinball

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-03-27

Developer: OOO Gameprom

Price: 0.00

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Remember when Windows 98 had that Plus Pack which came with its own pinball game?  At the time, I thought that pinball game had incredible graphics and was pretty much like playing the real thing.  For the record, Wild West Pinball (currently available for free on iTunes) makes the Windows 98 pinball game look like the Commodore 64.  Or maybe even Pong.

The 3D motion of the game take full advantage of iPhone’s graphics.  The feel of the physics is genuine.  Swooping motions follow the ball around the game and with a tap on either flipper, you can keep the ball in play and with a tap on the top of the screen, you can pause the game.

I have only one problem with the game and its a minor one.  There is no way to end the game in mid-play without actually going back to the iTouch or iPhone menu.  There should be a way to tap the screen to go into a menu system or something.

But the complaint is minor and I could easily see myself sitting with this pinball game while commuting to work and playing it for the entire bus ride.

I think OOO Gameprom could potentially turn this into a pinball franchise, releasing different theme pinball games.

At the current price, I see no downside with keeping this game on your iTouch or iPhone for those really boring moments in life.

Pros: terrific, simple game.  Incredible graphics.

Cons:  could use a menu system.

Read the Developer's Notes:
WildWest means Pinball. Just best professional pinball simulator for the iPhone ever.With 40 fps of incredible 3D graphics and stunning sounding, this game will blow your mind.And don't forget to upload your hiscores to our live WildWest Scoring Table.Features:- real 3D graphics- superb sound- smooth animation- fun gameplay- live online scoringJust try to be th? FIRST...For more info please visit us at https://www.gameprom.com/wildwest/
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