Wordistic Review – Tetris, Scrabble, shake well and serve

On October 29, 2014

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Wordistic Review – Tetris, Scrabble, shake well and serve

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By: mush dev studio

Version #: 1.508

Date Released: 2014-08-01

Developer: mush dev studio

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Good, one-player (or with the possibility of being played alone) word games are very scarce in the app store. Before discovering Wordistic, the only other staple for the genre I knew was Lex (and/but Lex is only one-player, which is not that cool when facing some of the interesting stuff you can do with Wordistic.

Wordistic is a relatively weird mix (and not only by the genre!) of Scrabble and Tetris. Letters will fall from the top, and you need to create words with them. Tapping a letter sets it in your current word, saving it from disappearing forever. The longer (or the weirder the letters, very Scrabble-like,) the more points you’ll score. Get 50 points before time runs out and you get to the next level.

Sounds easy, and the first level of Wordistic is relatively easy. Then things speed up and you barely can figure out how English is spelled. Luckily, there are several powerups that will sometimes fall to help you along the way. For instance, extra time (a clock,) clean up your current word to start again (a bomb,) and trap all letters in a box so you get a few seconds to get a few words quickly (a spiral.) It’s a hard game nevertheless. But (and a big but!) you can turn on automated word suggestions, so if you start with ST you get suggestions of what your next word may be. Eases a little, but not enough to make the game lame. Also, if you happen to just tap a few words at random and a word is accepted, you can pause the game and look online the definition.

As for the multiplayer mode, there are Wordistic online leaderboards, but also you can input the seed used to generate the random letters, so you and a friend can play the exact same game over and over and see who gets a better score. Nice concept for multiplayer playing, since it’s much more “intimate.” You can play on the same device, different devices, across the pond and totally async. Really neat, I’d love to see more games with this idea.

Something relatively weird (weirdistic?) about Wordistic is its design sense. Colours and backgrounds have a very strong psychedelic 70s tint (the default is for the game background to show rotating pictures of nebulas or supernovas, the font colours are incredibly, incredibly colourful.) You can turn off the rotation, and once you get used to the colours you won’t mind it at all. In some sense, it’s stimulating: in the App Store most apps you get will look essentially the same. Wordistic is different, original, frgeishenr (figure it out!) Its soundtrack is also novel, written by ATLAS.

Finally, if Android (or Kindle, or Nook) is your thing, there’s a version of Wordistic for that. Oh, and the iOS version will work in any of your devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) as long as you are running iOS 6.

In short: Wordistic is a fun and novel word game. It is free, so there is no reason for not trying and enjoying it!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Likely

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Word lovers

What I Like:It's an interesting and novel mix

What I Don't Like:Too fast, too hard!

Final Statement:Scrabble and Tetris lovers will fancy this game

Read the Developer's Notes:
Wordistic is an action packed word making/learning game
where you race against the clock to try to qualify for the next ever quickening level.
How far can your brain and word skills take you?
Featuring an original sound track by ATLAS!
Real time word prediction, word suggestions and online word definitions make learning new words easier than ever.
All your word play statistics are viewable in either Daily, Weekly or All time formats.

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