Wordstop Review – A word game where the goal is to not make words

On August 20, 2013

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Wordstop Review – A word game where the goal is to not make words

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By: Word Play Ltd

Version #: 1.0.2

Date Released: 2013-08-20

Developer: Word Play Ltd

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Yes, right. Wordstop is not the usual word game. Your goal is not to make the longest word, or even to guess your rival’s word. I think most Scrabble players will love it: The goal is to avoid creating a real word for as long as possible. Sounds… Weird. It is. It is also very hard.

I’ll try to explain the rules with a little more detail. Wordstop is an online two player game, and if you complete a word, you lose. Keep this in mind. Player 1 (that could be me) thinks of a word, let’s say tomato, and I choose one of the letters as a starting point. For example, O. Now you, as Player 2 need to add a letter either in front of O or after O. The catch: you can’t use a letter that would not make a word. If I had chosen W, you could not use W again (there are no words with two Ws in a row.) Say you chose LO. Then, my turn again. The catch: I can’t use a letter that would form a word. So no way to say LOT, or LOW or LOB. This makes you lose. Also, I can’t add an invalid letter, one that makes it impossible to form a word, like the example before. In this case is harder, but if I choose LOK, you can’t add a W to put LOKW. Do you get it? It’s tricky at first, but easy after a while. Try! It will do good to your brain 🙂

If you are stuck you can always play a bomb, which cleans all letters that can’t make a word, making the turn slightly easier. Oh, and to make for a more competitive game with your friends, you get stars that help you get bombs and also help keeping track of who’s better. You or your opponent?

Wordstop is free to play (with unobstrusive ads) and there is also a paid version without ads. I prefer the no-ads version, of course: the developer gets paid and I don’t see ads. I can definitely recommend it: it’s new, different and has words. And in case of doubt, you can grab the free version and try for yourself!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, sure

Learning Curve:Low, but read the tutorial twice

Who Is It For:Word game lovers

What I Like:It's different and original

What I Don't Like:It's okay as it is, nothing to complain

Final Statement:An original new word game. Grab it!

Read the Developer's Notes:
This is the full ads-free version of Wordstop. Striking the perfect blend of fun and strategy, Wordstop is the most original word game since Scrabble! Wordstop is the only word game where you must AVOID completing words, while trying to form letter chains that lead your opponent to do just that.

Brand new word game concept
• Spell a word or misplace a letter and you lose the game!
• Outwit opponents by luring them into completing words

Online turn-based gameplay
• Challenge friends and family via Facebook or email
• Play Wordstoppers worldwide with instant random match-ups

Utilize special power-ups
• Drop a ‘Bomb’ to save yourself in tricky situations
• Use ‘Word Wizard’ to reveal word possibilities and increase your vocabulary

Endless entertainment
• Special scoring scenarios
• 17,000+ possible combinations within the first 3 moves
• 150,000 words featured

Fun for all levels
• Help younger players learn new words, practice spelling and recognize patterns
• Equally enjoyable whether you’re a novice or experienced word master


Fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith? Think you can work your skills in reverse?

Wordstop is the freshest word game on the block, and the only word game on the App Store that’s anti words! Download Wordstop now and test your lexical skills against friends and family today!

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