WorldCard Contacts for iPhone and iPad Review

On January 7, 2011

App Type: iPhone

WorldCard Contacts for iPhone and iPad Review

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By: Penpower Inc.

Version #: 2.2.1

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Developer: By Penpower Technology Ltd.

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In spite of this digital age, there is still one hold over in business relations that seems to still hold a strong place. Business carder one of those essential tools that people use to leave a connection with the people they meet. This doesn’t mean you can’t let 21st century technology help you with your old world card collecting. WorldCard Contact for the iOS platform gives you the ability to integrate business cards into your contacts on your smartphone, which means no more fishing for business cards in your pocket or wallet.

WorldCard Contact appears on first inspection to want to replace the iOS phone app. From it’s favorites tab, to the dial pad, with the exception of voicemail, you can perform all the tasks you would with the phone app within WorldCard Contact. In place of voicemail, you find a cards tab. This is where WorldCard Contacts shows how it can do things better. From this tab you can add pictures of business cards you receive from people or businesses. You can either take a picture from the app, or select one from your photo roll. From there you can store the image until you are ready you input the contact information into your contacts. This second step is almost completely optional since a card only needs a name, and you could utilize the app just to store images of business cards. The real power though comes from transferring the information into your iOS contacts. WorldCard Contacts can help you with that by showing you the card while you input the information. This make input extremely quick and easy. Once the contacts are added, WorldCard Contacts gives you quick access to the usual connections (call, text, map, etc), as well as quick links to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for each contact.

While WorldCard Contacts gives you the ability to store and integrate business cards into your contacts, it is missing an integral feature that would make this app a killer. OCR, or optical character recognition, is a feature that would allow the iOS device to read the text on the card and place this text into the contact information automatically. Luckily, PenPower has not left there users completely high and dry. They also have an app called WorldCard Mobile which gives you the OCR functionality and then integrates with WorldCard Contact. While I was disappointed that this feature wasn’t at least an in-app purchase within Contact, I am at least glad that PenPower was able to bring these feature to the iOS devices, even if that functionality is brought in the form of a second app. For people that are always on the go, WorldCard Contacts gives its users the ability to quickly scan and forget business cards they receive during lunch meetings, conferences, and even on the street. They can they sort through those contacts at their leisure to bring them into their phones address book. The addition of social network links in the app is a welcome addition and is a feature I hope to see Apple add into their contacts soon. If you find yourself swimming with business cards and need a way to manage them I highly recommend this app. You can pick it up for $3.99, while the WorldCard Mobile OCR app can be had in a variety of languages for $5.99-$9.99 each.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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