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Bucking The Trend: Upgrade? Not In My Future- Part 1


On July 9, 2008

Being the Apple "addict" I am, I had always thought I’d be getting the new iPhone as soon as it came out.

However the 3G iPhone is unlike any phone release I’ve ever seen before, because all of the software changes will be available to the older model.

This makes the upgrade only worthwhile for the hardware changes, which I will review below in my own order of increasing importance…



On June 29, 2008


By: CompanionLink Software, Inc.


Category: Blogs

Date: 2008-07-11

Price: 39.95


Instinctiv Shuffle? – Is It Really That Smart?


On June 28, 2008


So right now I’m riding from NYC to DC on BoltBus, which happens to have free WiFi (amazing perk for a $20 bus ride!). I figure that since I have WiFi I might as well explore what’s new on Installer. I see Instinctiv Shuffle™, which I’ve read about but didn’t really expect to live up to the hype.

According to their website, Instinctiv Shuffle is application that enhances the shuffle feature by analyzing your skipping behavior and anticipating what you want to hear next. The application has an incredibly simple interface, on or off, that integrates fully with the standard music player.

So since I’m stuck in traffic and won’t be back in DC for at least 3 hours, I decided to give it a try. The setup is as simple as it looks, but is it really that "Instinctiv"?