Best and Cheap UDID Activation Service

On June 8, 2011

Do you want to install iOS 5 beta to iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and try out the top 10 features of iOS 5 including the new 200 new features?

You need to be enrolled as Apple iOS Developer Portal and activate device ID also known as UDID into iOS provisioning portal by adding device ID to iOS Provisioning Portal.

How much will it cost to register as iOS developer? Is it free?

No, it’s not free. You will be charged for $99 annual fee to be registered as iOS developer.

If you enroll yourself into iOS developer portal for $99 only to try out iOS 5 beta, you made a mistake. Instead registering your UDID into iOS Provisioning Portal yourself, you can find many cheap UDID activation service that will only charge you for a few bucks and you are ready to install iOS 5 into the device.

Yes, you don’t need to pay $99 for developer account and you may activate udid without developer account through these online services. If you are looking for free udid activation service, these websites may also offer you free udid activation by making your feedback on several social network such as facebook, twitter, youtube. Also free udid activation for a few first customers (but you may too late). offer quick activation but seems the owner wanted to sell this website often sold out all slots quickly and you need to wait on the line (limited slots)

If you have websites that offer UDID activation and want it to be here, please contact me through the top menu.