Activate UDID without developer account

On June 8, 2011

First of all, what is UDID? It’s ‚ÄúUnique Device Identifier,‚Äù is simply a specific serial number for your iDevice and it’s unique, so you will not find same UDID for 2 devices. UDID is a 40-number, alphanumeric string.

In order to install and trying Apple’s beta software such as iOS 3 beta, iOS 4 beta, or iOS 5 beta, you will need to register your UDID first.

How-to get the UDID of iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad?
Connect your device, open iTunes, in Summary tab you will see serial number.
Click on serial number and you will see the UDID of the current device. Click Edit → Copy on iTunes menu bar to copy your UDID.

I’ve got my UDID, what now?

Apple allows a developer account to test beta iOS apps up to 100 iDevices. Well, if you are apple’s paid developer, you can simply put your UDID and activate it in Apple’s Dev Center. But, if you are not apple’s paid developer? Simply register as apple developer, but it’s not free. You need to pay $99 to be Apple’s iOS Developer Program.

Do not like to pay $99 for Apple iOS Developer Program?

Continue reading then to activate UDID without becoming developer then.

How-to register and activate UDID without developer’s account?

Simple, ask a paid developer to put your UDID, so UDID can be activated and ready to install iOS beta software.

Where could I ask the developers to activate my UDID? – Claimed to offer quick and Instant activation

Where is the best and cheap place to activate UDID without developer account?
See the complete list for best UDID activation online services.

Also alot of similar sites that offering the same service to add UDID to iOS Provisioning Portal and let you trying iOS beta version.

Another place to activate UDID without developer account is eBay. The price vary because there many different sellers over eBay marketplace.

Once activated, you can install iOS beta version smoothly without getting stuck on iOS beta activation process.

Good luck!