Automatic App Generation with AppLoop

On October 20, 2008

With iPhone application development not being the easiest of tasks, it seems there’s going to be a market in developing Web applications that can produce iPhone applications. AppLoop has taken a step into this market by offering a Web app that can turn any blog into an iPhone app that makes that blog easy to read (sign up is currently limited.)

Both ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch have taken a close look at how the application works and functions. It appears to give similar results to the New York Times’ iPhone application – an attractive way to read the news.

It’s still early days, but with “app generators” likely to become more popular for the iPhone and Android platforms, it’s definitely time to get into the field if you’re able. What sort of app generators would you like to see? Could we see generators aimed at businesses who want to rebrand generic games and other minor applications with their own identities on the cheap?

0 responses to “Automatic App Generation with AppLoop”

  1. See, I think this isn’t great. It’s a feed reader generator… Pretty sure Apple would prefer you grab a webclip. Besides, what a way to choke the store with one app that does the same thing, but with different content!

    I’d prefer to see a Hypercard-like tool which allows creation on the Mac of decks and uploading to the iPhone. Or something like a scaled-down Unity3d.