Best word games for iPhone and iPad

On October 16, 2013

WordsearchWord games are one of the most addictive and easiest-to-play games out there. And that is why, thousands of them have plagued the AppStore. Here are some handpicked ones to make things easy for you.


Letterpress (Free)

This game was a huge trend-setter in the recent past with its too simple looks and unique gameplay. Make words using the 25 given letters and turn them blue, while your opponent’s tiles become red. At the end, the color with more tiles wins. Cute animations, unbelievably clean interface and subtle sound effects appeal to all while the competitive gameplay like in Chess or Othello, gives a twist to it. But, it is a ‘multiplayer only’ game and you’re limited to two simultaneous matches in the free version.
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SCRABBLE ($5.99)

Though a little heavy on the pocket, this list is incomplete without this classic game. The original Scrabble which you used to play with friends, family and cousins is now digitalised by EA. You have a tray of tiles which your place on the board in crossword-like manner. In the end, higher points win! Play with your friends and chat with them by the side which, believe me, is hilarious. If you’re not ready to lose such big money, try the lite version or any of the countless ripoffs in the AppStore.

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Wordament (Free)

I’m not sure if its just me but its only recently that I came across this awesome game. The concept is simple that you need to make words, sliding to adjacent letters in a 4×4 grid. Occasional challenges, themes, two letter tiles, 200 pointer etc makes it super exciting. The great thing about Wordament is that it is available on iOS, Android and Windows phone and is connected via Facebook account. So it is likely that you’ll always have atleast 1000 oponents online with a few friends in them. Things get really competitive!

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Word Search Puzzles (Free)

Another really addictive yet simple game. You are given a set of words, or a theme or some clues and you have to find them in a haystack of words. When you find them, just swipe through the letters to make the word and you’re done. There are a large number of variants of the same, if you’re interested.

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NYTimes Crosswords (Free)

An epic set of crosswords which has been published daily in NY times since Eden. Be greeted each night, by the crossword for the next day. Also gain access over 6000 puzzles from the NY Times archive via a subscription. The animations and execution are perfectly suited for touch screens and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

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