BlackBerry Messenger for iOS not landing on iPad at launch

On May 21, 2013

Last week, BlackBerry created quite a stir across the industry with their announcement of a launch of their BlackBerry Messenger app for iOS and Android, among other platforms that are outside of BlackBerry 10.

However, whilst the popular app lands on the App Store, it won’t be heading for the iPad at the time of launch. The same presumption can be made for Android platform, where the app won’t be landing on the Android tablet. BlackBerry Messenger is set to initially launch on the iPhone and Android phones.

This news has been released by BlackBerry software portfolio chief, Vivek Bhardwaj, who affirmed that the company’s agenda does not support tablets in its cross platform launch of the BlackBerry Messenger.

Bhardwaj said, “At this point it is iOS and Android, and that’s iOS phones running iOS 6 and higher.”

On the app, he added, “Smartphone is our real focus and again it comes back to what BBM is. If you look BBM and the engagement and the activity, it’s because it is mobile, because people are on the go.”