CIA: Operation Ajax now coming free to iPad

On June 19, 2013


Cognito Comics‘ spy thriller and interactive comic CIA: Operation Ajax is now available as a free download after being previously offered at $4.99.

The 210-paged interactive comic, written by best-selling author Stephen Kinzer, revolutionizes the graphic novel experience on the iPad with its groundbreaking cinematic style. It comes with a full film score that combines subtle animation and incredible soundtrack to narrate the true life story of the CIA’s plot to topple Iran’s government.

The story woven in CIA: Operation Ajax is one of secret deals and dark plots involving American, British and Persian agents. From your iPad, you now have access to recently declassified video film reels, documents, and historical photos from that era telling the true history of the CIA and their role in Iran’s democracy. The likes of Churchill, Mossadegh, Eisenhower, the Dulles brothers, and the Shah are cast in a totally new light.

The app is dripping with info on three authentic declassified CIA documents, nine historical newsreels, and 22 high profile characters in the politics of that day.

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CIA: Operation Ajax for iPad [iTunes link]

The app is now also available for iPhone.