Math Sticker (Instant Win) Giveaway

On March 23, 2009

Math StickerIt doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out from my review of Math Sticker that I’m a big fan of the game. It’s a tremendously challenging game that shouldn’t be too hard to understand especially if you have experienced playing the real thing. It’s also programmed with a seemingly infinite collection of match stick equations so you’ll never run out of riddles to solve.

A free lite version of the game is available HERE in the App Store, but if you want to score the $2.99 full version — and if you’re in the mood for some fun with numbers — you’re in luck! To INSTANTLY WIN a promo code…

…Simply BE THE FIRST to answer ANY of the following extremely easy math/number/iPhone-related questions. If a question has already been answered correctly, just choose another question. To qualify, you must leave a comment below indicating the question no. and your answer to that question. In 3, 2, 1…

1. What’s 2 plus 2?

2. How many letters are there in WOiP?

3. How much does the free lite version of Math Sticker cost?

4. Christmas will come early in the form of iPhone OS __.0?

5. Look at the icon of the preinstalled Weather app on your iPhone. How many degrees does it say?

6. In this site, how many apps are there under the Health & Fitness category?

7. Cloubble is the team behind Math Sticker. How many "bubbles" are in their logo? Visit to find out.

8. The full version of Math Sticker is currently available for how much?

9. Complete the title of the famous Bruce Willis movie: The __th Sense.

10. Another famous Bruce Willis movie: The __th Element.

11. This is question no. __.

12. What is 1 minus 1?

13. This year, both Feb 13 and Mar 13 fell on what day of the week?

14. Is this question odd- or even-numbered?

15. In an iPhone’s home screen, how many app icons are there in each row?

16. How old is Pres. Barack Obama?

17. Take a look at this site’s footer. What year is it?

18. The iPhone 3G’s camera has a resolution of __ megapixels.

19. The asterisk (*) is commonly associated with what mathematical operation?

20. How many Math Sticker promo codes are we giving away (thanks to Peter of Cloubble)?

UPDATE: All promo codes have already been awarded.