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Facebook 3.0


On September 8, 2009

Last week was a big week for Facebook users with iPhone handsets (or iPhone users with Facebook accounts, whichever works) as it brought the release of the much-talked about and much-awaited major update to the Facebook iPhone application. As promised by app developer Joe Hewitt, the latest version of the official iPhone client of Zuckerberg and company’s social networking and online marketing brainchild, Facebook 3.0, came packed with a slew of features that make this, hands down, the best version yet.

QLOCKTWO – MatrixClock – Review


On September 2, 2009


By: QLOCKTWO - MatrixClock

Version: 1.0

Category: Uncategorized

Date: 2009-05-29

Price: 0.99


Math Sticker Promo Codes Awarded


On March 26, 2009

Prizes for our Math Sticker (Instant Win) Giveaway go to…

1. PerfectVirus
2. crivoli
3. Gretch68
4. BigGuy
5. wey2camp
6. keybcoder
7. mltllt
8. byutanner
9. RobertF
10. MatLu
11. rnorris
12. jelleyhead
13. MikeC
14. Mini Me
15. bruceldavies
16. Charger1
17. sabolton
18. mobilefiend
19. am-woi
20. You! Nobody answered the 20th question, so grab the 20th code now…

Math Sticker (Instant Win) Giveaway


On March 23, 2009

It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out from my review of Math Sticker that I’m a big fan of the game. It’s a tremendously challenging game that shouldn’t be too hard to understand especially if you have experienced playing the real thing. It’s also programmed with a seemingly infinite collection of match stick equations so you’ll never run out of riddles to solve.

A free lite version of the game is available HERE in the App Store, but if you want to score the $2.99 full version — and if you’re in the mood for some fun with numbers — you’re in luck! To INSTANTLY WIN a promo code…

Memengo Wallet Promo Codes Awarded


On March 16, 2009

Each of the five WOiP members whose usernames are mentioned below just received a 12-character alphanumeric code which they can use to download Memengo Wallet, a powerful info and code management app for the iPhone.






Now they’re sure to be free from memorizing passwords.

You can learn more about Memengo Wallet and purchase it HERE in the App Store.

WundrBar Promo Codes Awarded


On March 12, 2009

It seems Dan, who went so far as to say he "cannot recommend this application more," isn’t the only one who’s thrilled by the new wonder app, WundrBar. Apparently, the entire WOiP community shares Dan’s fascination.

And thanks to the good people behind WundrBar, the following members will get to add the app to their iPhone’s home screen for free and see for themselves just how — as one of our winners aptly put it — "wunderful" this app is.


Donsgraphics (First time for everything!)




Congrats and do tell us exactly how much longer it makes your iPhone.

Memengo Wallet Giveaway


On March 8, 2009

 1. Drastically improved display of large text notes. Touch the note and a new view opens up – unlimited in length, it also allows you to pinch, zoom and rotate to get the most ouf of the screen.

2. New card type "Software registration".

3. A wallet now can be deleted even if the key is forgotten.

These are what’s new in the latest version of my password management app of choice, Memengo Wallet. Why am I so inclined to use it, you ask? In my review of the app I said,

"Memengo Wallet makes it naturally easy to store sensitive information on the iPhone. The companion Web application is also a plus…"

Speed Fiend Promo Codes Awarded


On March 2, 2009

Thanks to Jake of Scatter Circuit, the developer of my favorite card game on the iPhone, Speed Fiend, each of the following WOiP members has just been awarded with a promo code to download the app for free.


I’m sure they’ll get addicted to the game in no time!

Speed Fiend Giveaway


On February 21, 2009

An implementation of the classic card game Speed, Speed Fiend is one of the most engaging games I’ve played on my iPhone. And coming from somebody who for the most part would rather pick up alphabet tiles than kings and aces, that’s saying something. In my review of the game, I wrote:

"Speed Fiend promises ease and addictiveness, and it has both in spades."

However, I also wrote that it lacked a key feature:

Crossbones Promo Codes Awarded


On February 19, 2009

Ahoy! Each of the following WOiP members just got a Crossbones promo code:

ahrucool, akame, bradsss, Cleveland, dbfire, Idaho Dad, irene1975, and starfall.

Quick Extended Giveaway – Turns out we have a couple more codes left in our treasure chest. Simply send me your desired pirate name using the WOiP internal messaging system and if you’re one of the first two to invade my inbox, Crossbones will soon be added to your iPhone loot! (Update: The last two codes have been nabbed by am-woi aka Captain Steubing and dbng aka Redbeard.)