Memengo Wallet Giveaway

On March 8, 2009

 1. Drastically improved display of large text notes. Touch the note and a new view opens up – unlimited in length, it also allows you to pinch, zoom and rotate to get the most ouf of the screen.

2. New card type "Software registration".

3. A wallet now can be deleted even if the key is forgotten.

These are what’s new in the latest version of my password management app of choice, Memengo Wallet. Why am I so inclined to use it, you ask? In my review of the app I said,

"Memengo Wallet makes it naturally easy to store sensitive information on the iPhone. The companion Web application is also a plus…"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a companion Website for the app so you can have your stored data backed up online. Another advantage of this is that you can enter or edit data on the Website instead of typing them on your iPhone. Both the Web application and the iPhone app boast of a clean, familiar interface.

Denis of Memengo, Inc. provided WOiP with promo codes to give away to a number of WOiP members. To enter to win one, simply leave a comment below.