New in the App Store – Non-Safari Browsers

On January 15, 2009

Several months ago, Podcaster and MailWrangler were rejected by the powers that be over at Apple primarily because they were deemed duplicative of the functionality of the applications that Apple preinstalled on the iPhone (iTunes for the former and Mail in the case of the latter). Now we have news of not one, not two, but five — wait, make that six; I just stumbled upon another — third-party apps each serving the basic function of a mobile Web browser. Yes, mobile Web browser, a phrase that was until now attributed in iPhone parlance only to Mobile Safari.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve found so far after searching Mobile Safari’s newly approved "duplicates." Individual reviews are underway, but for now snippets from the corresponding developer’s notes follow below.  

Edge Browser, Free. See your web page or web app in a full screen Safari Browser. No loss of screen real estate to the address or navigation bars. Specify your URL with any given parameters in the iPhone settings application under Edge Browser.

Hot Browser, Free. Hot Browser is a normal web browser so far. The only difference to other browsers is that if you shake your iPhone a random yet currently very popular web site is opened.

WebMate: Tabbed Browser, $0.99. Web Mate takes you one step closer to tabbed browsing on the iPhone. Normally on your computer you might open each web page that you want to read in a new tab, then read them all when you’re done browsing the main page. On the iPhone you have to click the first link, read the article, click the back button, wait for the original page to load, then find the place you were at before and continue to the next article. Web Mate simplifies this task by queuing up all the links you click on, then allowing you to view them one by one when you’re ready. Get it HERE.

Incognito, $1.99. Incognito is an anonymous Web browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you can browse without leaving a history of any kind. Simply close the browser and Incognito will erase the entire session!

Get it HERE.

Shaking Web, $1.99. Shaking Web was created with one goal in mind: to make easy reading web pages when you’re moving. It’s the best solution when commuting by Bus or Metro (where connection is available), traveling by car (not driving of course). When hands move due to general body movement, Shaking Web feels the movement and applies a small but opposite movement to the viewable content, trying to keep the reading where the eyes are.

Get it HERE.

Squeaky – The Clean Web Browser, $3.99. A simple web browser application that has no history, no bookmarks, no cache. As soon as you close the application, all records of your web browsing are gone. Never worry about letting someone use your iPhone again.

Get it HERE.


To be sure, these apps are no Opera Mini or Mobile Firefox. Neither are they browsers with Flash support. If anything, this essentially means that developers are given more leg room now that Apple has toned down some of its policies regarding the nature of apps that get a spot, well-deserved or otherwise, in App Store’s labyrinthine shelves.

Happy non-Safari browsing! Non-iPod sound-tripping, anyone?