Thor: The Dark World will have an official iOS game soon

On July 24, 2013

The sequel to Marvel‘s hit movie Thor will be released on Nov 8, as Thor: The dark world. Similar to Marvel’s other superhero releases like The Amazing Spiderman and Iron Man 3, Gameloft will be the one taking care of their promotion on iOS; Thor: The Dark World, The Official Game was announced on Monday.

We’re told, “(The game) will allow fans of the franchise to play as one of Marvel’s most iconic Super Heroes in a game of epic scope and beauty

Watch the preview trailer below:

From the looks of it, we have an adventurous RPG with ‘hack and slash‘ gameplay. Thanks to the names Marvel and Gameloft behind it, we can be sure of nothing less than awesome.

The pricing and release details are still unavailable. But, we’ll keep you updated.