Updated – FileMagnet

On March 23, 2009

I reviewed FileMagnet way back in July. In fact, it was one of the first apps we reviewed and is, as such, one of the older apps available. Thankfully, its developers have not rested on their laurels. Instead, they have rolled out an update that takes the granddaddy of iPhone file-transfer and viewing apps to a new, youthful, level.

In my initial review I wrote-

FileMagnet for the iPhone and iPod Touch makes quick business of loading and accessing a wide and growing range of files. The process could not e more simple.
1. Download and run the app on the iPhone.
2. Download and run the free Uploader App on your Mac running OS X Leopard (sorry Tiger is not currently supported although it is coming and Windows simply isn’t supported).
3. Drag the desired files into the Uploader App
4. Connect the handheld to Mac either temporarily or permanently by accept one of two queries that will appear on the iPhone/iPod Touch
5. Drag the desired files into the Uploader App.
6. Watch while the files magically move to the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is as simple as that.

I liked it then and I like it even more now. FileMagnet remains just that easy to use but is now more powerful and even easier. With the current version of FileMagnet you can

– Browse, scroll, pinch and zoom through your files with the touch of a finger.
– View PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, HTML, text files, RTF, image files, iPhone compatible movie files, sounds, and Safari WebArchive files.
– Use Tilt Scrolling to move through your documents without ever touching the screen.
– Store any kind of file, even folders, on your iPhone or iPod for fast access on the go.

In other words, FileMagnet functions as a portable drive to hold everything you need and access much of it directly on the iPhone.

A recent update makes it even more powerful. Among the improvements…

* Support for viewing iWork ’09 files.
* Password protection.
* A New toolbar at the bottom of the file listing.
* A new "Connect at Launch" setting.
* A new "Deauthorize All" option.
* Support for uploading files with long paths or file names.
* Support for dragging email messages directly from Mail.app.
* Support for viewing PPS files.
And much more…

FileMagnet was a good app when it was first released and, after using the new version for the last two days I can report than it is even better now.

FileMagnet Uploader is a free download from www.FileMagnetApp.com