What are you in the mood of? sMoods to the rescue!

On September 5, 2012

Late afternoon, sitting in your office. Everyone has gone home hours ago, but you need to finish this project. An all-nighter awaits you, but you need a pause right now. You feel it: either you get some kind of human contact or you’ll start screaming around the cubicles. You pick your iPhone and open, set your mood for I want a coffee. Your friends get an alert, even an SMS. Soon afterward a friend drops you a line and saves your sanity.

sMoods takes social networking to a new level. How? By integrating a neat app concept with a good execution and… SMS. Yes, from within the app you can choose to alert your friends you want to do something. This should not be a big deal. But sometimes you’d rather keep wasting time instead of writing that SMS. Masochistic worker type, I know, but happens. With sMoods you just make a few taps and your friends get alerted you’d rather be dancing. Do they want to join?

The moods you can choose in sMoods are limitless. Well, they really aren’t but you can make a request to add a mood. After all, being in a mood for paintball may not be the most common state of mind, but can happen. Aren’t you in the mood for paintball? No?

We definitely give our thumps up to sMoods, and it has become part of our office. We don’t even glance away from our iDevices, no need to shout. I just set myself in the mood for a coffee and my coworkers can catch me up. Why aren’t you doing it?