iOS Development Tutorial Series: PickerViews & More


On March 28, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another iOS Development tutorial. Today we are going to learn about UIPickerViews and how to switch viewcontrollers (I’ll explain what that is later). I’ll start off by explaining that picker views work fairly the same way as table views, so if you did the last tutorial then you should have no […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: TableViews


On March 14, 2011

Hello again, today we will learn about UITableViews and NSArrays, but before we start I need everyone who reads these tutorials to vote on the poll below, since it will determine how the next tutorials will be presented. Since Apple released the new version of Xcode (Xcode 4) I need to know whether we should […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: Calculator Part 2


On March 8, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another iOS development tutorial. Hopefully you’ve been able to track along with me and keep pace with my teaching. If you haven’t just let me know and I can slow it down some more or explain specific concepts that you may be struggling with. Today, we are going to proceed with […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: Calculator


On February 28, 2011

In this tutorial we are going to explore more of Xcode, learn more about programming in general, and build a calculator. I’ll start off with saying, if you have any problems with this tutorial or any of my tutorials, feel free to email me and ask questions, [email protected] Also, don’t delete your project after you […]

iOS Development Tutorial Series: Hello World


On February 22, 2011

Although it seems very Cliché, our first iPhone app will be a Hello World program. Mostly everyone starts out programming with a Hello World exercise, so let’s not stray from the group since it seems they are doing well… As we go through this series I will explain concepts like Objective-C (the programming language iOS apps […]

iOS Development Tutorial series: Beginning iOS Development


On February 14, 2011

To get started with iPhone development you will first need to learn some things… Firstly, some history is always useful when learning something new. iPhone apps are written in a computer programming language called Objective-C which was originally created by a company called NeXTSTEP. Apple soon purchased Objective-C and used it to develop their operating […]

iOS Advanced Programming: Understanding iOS 4 Multitasking


On December 6, 2010

In the old days of iOS when you pressed the home button the application you where running in your iphone used to quit instantly. Today with iOS 4 you have a few more options. Multitasking is the most relevant feature included in iOS 4. If you build an application on Xcode against iOS 4 it […]

iOS Advanced Programming: Event Kit Framework


On November 29, 2010

The Event Kit Framework is the way apple wants us to display or create a calendar entry. With this they are not trying to replace the calendar app, they are trying to give us a way to, for instance, create an appointment from our app and add it to the calendar app.

iOS Advanced Programming: The Image picker


On November 22, 2010

The image picker is a controller that allows you to select an image from a thumbnail list or take it with the camera and then grab that selection and do whatever you want with it.