Video Tutorial : Creating iPhone App Design Templates – Part 2


On January 28, 2012

This is the second part in the series of 2 tutorials on how to create custom designs for your iPhone app. You can view Part 1 here. In this tutorial, we shall design a ViewController similar to the image below. The ViewController will have a custom UIBarButtonItem that replaces the standard back button and a […]

Video Tutorial – Creating iPhone App Design Templates Part 1


On January 12, 2012

Here is a series of videos that teaches you how to design an iPhone App. The app takes its inspiration from the Flipboard App for iPhone. Saves you $2000+ in hiring designers, Setup In 10 minutes, No Photoshop skills needed. Click the button below to browse the templates and start designing your app in 30 […]

Top 18 iPhone App Design Inspiration For 2012 That Really Rocks


On December 19, 2011

This is a guest post by +Tope who is Vault Overseer at App Design Vault where you get stunning iPhone App Design templates for developers with a budget or lack of good design contacts. Instagram This app was Apple’s Top App of 2011. So why not start with that. It has a nice custom Navigation […]

App Design Vault Templates Bundle – 4 Days Left at $70 intead of $280!


On December 1, 2011

Last week we launched an exclusive deal that proved to be very popular among our readers – How to Design Cool Looking Apps That Sell. However, all good things must come to an end and the App Design Vault is no exception – you guys have only four days left to get this bargain for […]

Complete iOS App Development Course – only $79


On November 28, 2011

We always think of app development as taking weeks or months to learn. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With this course from Udemy, you can learn iPhone and iPad app development in just an hour! That’s no mistake, the total course length is around 2.5 hours but after the first hour, you’ll already […]

AppDev Weekly: Adjusting Alpha Transparency Using Xcode


On September 29, 2011

Welcome to my second article published for AppDev Weekly, my column that I run of MobileOrchard. In this app development tutorial, I’ll be covering some simple programming using Xcode, Apple’s free Mac software used to develop iOS applications. In this tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating how to adjust the alpha transparency of an object, which can […]

Automatically Track App Sale Referrals


On September 13, 2011

Michael Tyson is an independent iOS developer, and runs a small artisan software development business called A Tasty Pixel. He’s passionate about creating outstanding user experiences, and spends his days sweatin’ the details from his mobile office, a motorhome called Nettle in which he and his partner are spending a few years exploring Europe. Think […]

AppDev Weekly – Getting Potential Customers to Tap That 'Buy Now' Button (Part 1)


On September 6, 2011

Hi all, and welcome to App Development Weekly, a weekly/bi-weekly column that I, your MobileOrchard blogger Charles, will be writing providing powerful tips and insight for firstly, creating great apps, and second of all, getting your great apps noticed. I’ll be primarily focusing on the iOS platform, but I might get into Mac development some […]

Android App Development: Implementing Search activities


On July 28, 2011

Most Android phones have a search button. this button is used to search contacts,applications or anything on the phone. We can make use of the search functionality in our apps. In this post we’re going to see how to implement search functionality to search for entries stored in a databaseand display them in a ListView. […]

Optimizing Your Tutorial – How to Introduce Currency in a Virtual Economy


On July 19, 2011

You can have 20 million users download you freemium application, but if only 2 of them spend more than 30 seconds in your app you have a problem! This week we will look at the ways currency can be introduced and the best way to introduce users to your games virtual economy. Dad to son: […]