Google Chrome for Android Apk Download

On February 11, 2012

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android Apk Download  – In 2008, Google launched Google Chrome to give a new experience in browsing in internet. People all around the world use it as their browser to browse faster. As a time goes by Google is spreading its wing by creating Android operation system. To improve Android’s quality and Chrome, both are combined so you can enjoy Google Chrome on your Android.

Chrome and Android is focusing on speed and simplicity and seamless sign-in and syn so you can personalize your web browsing experience anywhere you go. Talking about speed, Google Chrome make you possible to browse and navigate faster. The way is you can scroll down and up throughout the website as fast as possible. About the simplicity, as you know Google Chrome is designed in a simple model. It is because Google wants to bring a simple browse to a small screen as usually you do on your phones or tablets. There won’t be more tabs so that it won’t make you confused. One thing you have to know is you can use Google Chrome for Android with other Google srvices such as Google Maps and YouTube.

If you want to download Google Chrome for Android, to be noted it is only available for Android 4.0 and higher. Android phones which available for Google Chrome are such as Galaxy Nexus, Transformer Prime, Xoom and Nexus 5. Android is right now growing up faster and faster in technology world. Google is trying to cover not only in search engine but also in softaware and and system. And Google Chrome is one of the greatest innovation brought by Google. If you have 4.0 Android you can directly download Google Chrome and get a different experiense in browsing the internet faster and simpler. You can go to Android Market or Click here to Download Google Chrome APK.