Speed Fiend: The Classic Card Game Speed – Review

On January 17, 2009

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Speed Fiend: The Classic Card Game Speed – Review

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By: Speed Fiend: The Classic Card Game Speed

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-12-16

Developer: Jake O'Brien

Price: 0.99

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Speed Fiend is the app you would definitely have to download (quick!) if you want to play Speed on your iPhone/iPod touch. And even if you’re not aware of the card game to begin with, it’s still worth the dollar as well as the megabyte and a half you’ll be allotting for this app. Why? Because it’s well-made, it’s easy to learn, it’s addictive, and it’s sure to convert the uninitiated (e.g. me).

Speed Fiend is so intuitive that you’d know right away that in order to put a card from your hand on top of one of the two center cards you just have to drag-and-drop it into position, and you just have to tap on your reserve pile to draw another card. That’s how easy it is to play. And since the game is called Speed, you do both as fast as you can to beat your opponent, as the first player who gets rid of all his or her cards wins the game. The ‘how to play’ option of the app will tell you these and more.

The game can be adjusted to be played in one of nine difficulty levels; if you could manage to play a card against the AI on Level 9, I’d very much like you to check and see if you’ve been harboring a microprocessor underneath your cranium. An option that lets you choose whether to place the reserve pile on the left or on the right is also available, very helpful if you happen to be left-handed since the position of the reserve pile defaults at the left, which means you’d have to drag cards with your less dominant right hand. Unfortunately, however, the app does not allow for a dual player mode, where you could play against a friend face-to-face or even a stranger over Wi-Fi, yet (my fingers are crossed on this one). A record of the top speed for each level would be a great addition as well.

Truth be told, I kept ignoring this app the first few days it was on my iPhone. But when my finger finally found its way on the flaming spade icon on Day 6, I could barely put the game down. And, mind you, that’s saying a lot, considering that I’m new to the game and I’m not a big fan of card games in particular. So whether you’ve played Speed for more than half your life or just about to play your first game, Speed Fiend will absolutely please you faster than you can say, "What’s On iPhone."

Quick Take

Value: Medium
Would I Buy Again: Absolutely
Learning Curve: Very Low
Who Is It For: Fans of the Speed card game, as well as those who want to start learning (and liking) it
What I Like:
Habit-forming, runs smoothly
What I Don’t: No dual player mode, no top speed stats

Final Statement: Speed Fiend promises ease and addictiveness, and it has both in spades.

My Rating: 4/5

Read the Developer's Notes:
Speed Fiend is the popular card game Speed for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It involves quick thinking and mental agility. Unlike most card games, there are no turns. You must play as fast as you can against your computer opponent to be the first to play all your cards. It is just as addictive and easy to learn as Solitaire, but plays like an arcade game and adds the challenge of developing quick reflexes.The rules are simple. You can play a card on a discard pile if your card is one higher or lower than it. You play a card by dragging it onto the discard pile. Once you have played a card, you can tap your reserve deck to draw another card. If you play all your cards before your opponent, you win. (Full instructions in application.)- Nine levels of difficulty from beginner to blazingly fast- Right or left position of draw deck for handedness or preference- Faithful simulation of cards in deck throughout game, including discard piles (for the card counters out there)- Game saved when application quit or interrupted- OpenGL ES graphics for best performance- Sound effects
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