The new BlueChatBox review – The most innovative messenger app

On April 27, 2015

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The new BlueChatBox review – The most innovative messenger app

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By: Tony Jiang

Version #: 42

Date Released: 2015-04-24

Developer: BlueChatBox

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We did a review of the BlueChatBox messaging app last year and concluded it as one “that makes sense” because it didn’t have a lot of limitations which we are used to with others.

…the things I personally love about BlueChatBox are the Passcode lock, ability to add more than 50 users to groups and compatibility with iPad, which undoubtedly places it superior to WhatsApp.

Six months down the road and BlueChatBox has already rolled out a lot of updates – not one, not two but a whole dozen of them mounting to around 30 major feature additions. So we think it’s time to take a second look.

Regarding the overall flow of the app, most things remain unchanged from what we discussed earlier and today, we are just going through some of the best new features.

First things first – the UI. If you remember, the only thing I had really complained about earlier, was the below average interface of BlueChatBox and guess what, that is no longer the case. The whole app is now streamlined, with high quality icons, new menu bar, better background images, user avatar support in chats and most importantly, all these load much faster now. And yes, BlueChatCox is optimized for the latest iPhones.

Next up is the greatly improved public chats. Last time when I tried them, there were at least fifty of public discussions taking place near me but none of them had anything interesting for me to join. But now you can switch to the Globe view to find chats all around the world and even better, you can find the best ones thanks to the new public chat rating system!

Another neat addition is the ‘temporary friend’ option which is a huge innovation. If you are in a public chat and want to talk to one of the members in private, just request to add him as a temporary friend. The perk is that you’ll now be able to message them directly but your phone number or location won’t be exchanged like with your contact friends.

And finally my favourite, BCB now supports group video chats of up to four people. Yeah, you heard it right. This one is unique and should alone be enough for many power users to switch from their current messengers to BlueChatBox.

These are just some of the most prominent additions to the app. They have also pushed in numerous small tweaks, many minor features, stability improvements and bug fixes which elevates the whole experience to a new level.

You can head over to the App Store and check BlueChatBox”s changelog for a detailed look.

And more importantly, a developer team, which spends a lot of time perfecting their app and pushes out an update every fortnight is really something worth recommending.

At the end of the day, if you are looking around for a powerful messaging app, BlueChatBox should make a strong case.

Get BlueChat Box from the App Store for free.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Sure

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Anyone who want more from messengers

What I Like:The group video chat

What I Don't Like:None so far

Final Statement:Feature packed messaging app

Read the Developer's Notes:
BlueChatBox is a free messaging client that allows you to message and video chat with friends and people nearby.

• Free: With BlueChatBox, you can chat as much as you want without incurring SMS fees.

• Nearby: Text and video chat with people nearby, find lively conversations anywhere you go.

• Friends and Temporary Friends: Connect with people as friends or as temporary friends. Temporary friends allow users to chat privately without revealing sensitive data like phone numbers and will automatically unfriend when there aren't active messages between the users for some time.

• Message Translation: Ever wanted to chat with someone who speaks another language? Now you can, BlueChatBox can translate messages in other languages to the preferred language of your choice!

• Custom chat backgrounds: Ever get tired of boring chat backgrounds? BlueChatBox gives you the ability to customize backgrounds.

• Show your emotions: BlueChatBox gives you the ability to decorate any text message with a feeling to properly display your feelings.

• Group chats: Create group conversations with the people you want.

• Multiple status icons: Want to have different pictures when you're feeling happy or when you're bored? Now you can, BlueChatBox gives you multiple statuses with customizable icons for each status.

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