WOiP “Q and A”

On May 16, 2009

One of our readers sent along the following question. It is a good one and we are always happy to try and recommend the best app or approach for a given task.

Our answer to her query can be found after the jump… If you have a different suggestion feel free to leave it in the comments.

Her question…

I have been using a PDA and have a ton of notes I use for my nursing career (cheat sheets, if you will). Is there a way to beam or send the notes from my PDA to an app on my itouch without having to retype all the notes?  Seems a lot of people like iconicnotes/good reviews.  If no way to send/beam the notes, any way to retype the notes on the computer then transfer them to my itouch instead of typing on the small itouch keyboard?



Our Answer…

Thanks for writing- and always happy to help a new convert!

I think Iconic Notes is a great app but personally use Appigo’s Notebook more frequently. It has less features formatting-wise but one killer feature I love and one that will make your life MUCH EASIER!!! Sync!

This is what i would recommend trying…

1. Sync your notes to your computer using your Palm

2. Get a Toodledo account.



3. Set Up folders in Toodledo’s NOTEBOOK section (you will see it in the left hand colum of your Toodledo screen)

4. Copy and past your notes into Toodledo’s NOTEBOOK section and organize as you like

5. Buy Apiggo’s Notebook. (I am a huge fan of both Notebook and Todo from them and actually do most of my writing using it since it automatically syncs with my Toodledo account, thereby backing it up and making it accessible on my easy to write on Mac.)

6. Set it up to sync with your Toodledo account.

7. Sync.

8. Write to the folks at Appigo to thank them for making such a great app…