Canary smart security device finally hits the market


On March 30, 2015

Remember Canary, the home monitoring device whose Indiegogo campaign went through the roof with close to 2 million in funding? They have finally delivered on their promises as Canary hits the shelves today, for $249. So why is Canary so popular? Canary is basically a stylish looking 6 inch high device packed with a HD […]

Best third-party Apple Watch straps you can buy right now


On March 19, 2015

With the Apple Watch coming up next month and expected to sell around 25 million units this year, the third-party accessory makers have already started their work. And undoubtedly, the straps are a major focus. With Apple’s official straps costing $450 for the stainless steel ones and above $150 for leather ones, Cupertino really has […]

InkCase i6 is the most unique case for your iPhone 6


On March 18, 2015

Admit it, we all are guilty of peeking at our iPhones every few minutes, just to check if we missed some important notifications, messages, calls or mails. Not only does it waste a lot of our time but also drains the iPhone’s precious battery. Now we have an innovative solution. Combine the most unique notification […]

10 best Bluetooth speakers under $100


On March 3, 2015

What if you would be able to take your home theater with you everywhere you go? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Of course it would be if only it was practical. Nonetheless, don’t lose hope yet as you can now get all that a home theater offers and more in a simple portable Bluetooth speaker. Below […]

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 announced – Here’s everything you need to know


On October 17, 2014

Standing tall on a stat of 225 million sold iPads and 100% customer satisfaction, Apple today announced their next generation of iPads. Apple has turned its numbering scheme back on as it is calling them the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. Though there is a lot to talk about what’s new in them, they are […]

Apple Pay – Everything you need to know


On September 11, 2014

Apple Pay

  Plastic cards with magnetic strips would’ve been outdated long by now, if any of the tech giants had gotten it right with their payment solutions. None of them cracked it and now, Apple is coming forward with a wallet of its own, the Apple Pay, which it claims will revolutionize the retail market. What is Apple Pay? Apple […]

The first medical tricorder, Scanadu Scout, launches on Indiegogo


On May 29, 2013

Star Trek’s Tricorder will soon become a reality with Scanadu Scout, the medical tricorder that has set a record on Indiegogo for the fastest funding velocity. Scanadu, a personalized health electronics company, launched an Indiegogo campaign that invites supporters to contribute to the last step of bringing a first-edition Scanadu Scout into reality. The company […]

Best iPhone 5 Battery Cases


On May 21, 2013

As much as iPhone 5 seems to be the genie-in-the-bottle’s doppelganger with its ability to meet the demands of the smartphone market as if by magic, there are still a few glitches the iPhone savvy will point out. The battery falls smack in the middle of this category. Give yourself a couple of hours, maybe […]

MEElectronics M16P – Review


On May 31, 2011

I am one who, like many others, has used only Apple’s included earphones for several years. I had always wanted something better, but I never got around to actually buying any alternatives (mainly due to the fact that I already had a pair of Apple’s earphones, which seemed to be decent enough). But today I tried MEElectronics’s M16P budget earphones.
These earphones, which are advertised to provide you with “Fun sound with enhanced bass,” do provide just that. “Fun” sound is provided with pretty good bass, though this “fun” sound ended up feeling a little second-rate to me. Despite this, the sound provided is much more immersing than that of your typical earphones due to the in-ear design. I tried my Apple earphones after using these, and I noticed that they felt weird in my ears. The sound wasn’t as full as I had once believed either.

Arctic Sound E361-WM – Review


On November 26, 2010

Every so often, we do a few hardware reviews.  This is one of a series of reviews for the Arctic Cooling brand of products.  For more information about the company or its products, go to

Like it’s sister product, the Arctic Sound E351-WM, the E361 delivers quality sound. So why is it offered at a slightly higher price ($51.45 vs $42.20)?  That would involve an examination of the design.

The E361 is slightly curved so it can fit further into the ear. As a result, the sound is delivered louder and more clearly. Of the two possible earphones, while I found both to be excellent, I prefer the E361 over the E351 for sheer power of sound delivery. One just has to be careful not to actually lose the cap of the headphones within one’s ear canal. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. Ahem.

The bass is delivered clearly and it’s easy to make out distinct parts of a piece of music. The microphone also works well and a person can easily be heard by someone to whom they are speaking using the phone itself, Skype or FaceTime.

As with the E351, the headphones come in black or white trim, which is differentiated by simply the "WM" or "BM".  The "M" at the end means that the headphones also come with a microphone built-in. Accessories include 3 sets of silicon caps to fit in ears of different sizes (one of which is already on the headphones), an adapter to use the headphones with a computer and Arctic Cooling’s standard earphone carrying case.

Let me mention how big a fan I am of the Arctic Cooling carrying case. It’s a tough case so the earphones don’t get damaged and it looks great.

My only complaint about the earphones is the same complaint I had for the E351, which is the lack of volume controls on the earphones itself. However, once again, the physical volume controls are on the side of whatever device you’re using (iPhone or iPod touch), so it’s not as if the volume controls are inaccessible.

If you’re a music fanatic, then the E352 is still probably your best bet in the Arctic Sound line. But if you prefer to have a microphone on your earphones and are willing to spend a little more, then the Arctic Sound E361-WM delivers a superior quality to the standard Apple earphones and is more affordable than the comparible Apple-branded in-ear earbuds.