Mobile App Design Kit only $77 instead of $199


On October 13, 2011

Why are your apps still UGLY? “I don’t have cash to spend on hiring a designer.” “If I had some cool templates or themes to work from I’d be all set.” “I don’t want to hire a designer. I’d rather learn to do it myself!” Well good news. It is for these reasons the Mobile […]

AppifyWP WordPress Theme Gets an Update plus Giveaway!


On September 1, 2011

AppifyWP, a WordPress theme designed to promote your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac apps, has been updated to version 2.0. This update includes many requested features such as multi-platform support, portrait/landcape orientations, and a revamped settings page to quickly configure your site. Check out the demo site and the video to see what’s behind the […]

Improving Your App Store Rating


On August 16, 2011

Lets face it, 80% of the apps out there are garbage. They either don’t solve a problem well, they were poorly built, or just don’t work at all. These apps deserve bad public ratings and don’t belong anywhere on the app store charts. Then there’s the other 20% that are backed by passionate designers and […]

Optimizing Your Mobile Tutorial – A Freemium Game Series


On June 8, 2011

You can have 20 million users download you freemium application, but if only 2 of them spend more than 30 seconds in your app you have a problem! Over the next few weeks we will take the time to review some of the key components of building a successful tutorial for your freemium game and […]

Calculating lifetime value of freemium gamers: calculating retention rates


On April 28, 2011

Matt Tubergen heads Recharge Studios, a wholly owned subsidiary of W3i that invests in the development and marketing/distribution of freemium mobile games.  W3i is a market leader in distributing and monetizing apps with over 500 million apps distributed for W3i clients. Recharge Studios is actively seeking new investment opportunities, if you have a great idea […]

Updated Cocos2d With iPad Support


On February 23, 2010

Ricardo Quesada is the lead developer of cocos2d. Have an OSS project that deserves some attention? We love user contributed articles! Email [email protected] cocos2d is a fast, free, easy to use, community supported 2d game engine for iPhone. Over 550 App Store games have been created with cocos2d, including the best selling StickWars. In addition […]

Developer-To-Developer iPhone App Distribution Without Ad-Hoc Provisioning


On January 20, 2010

Developers can share iPhone applications that they’ve created with other iPhone developers without using ad hoc provisioning. Setting this up takes less than 5 minutes. This is one of the method’s I’m considering for distributing CodePromo, my app that makes it easy to generate and share promo codes from the iPhone. This article provides step-by-step […]

CodePromo: Generate/Send Promo Codes From Your iPhone — Beta Testers Wanted


On January 13, 2010

CodePromo is an iPhone app that interacts with iTunes Connect to generate promo codes for easy sharing. Motivation You’re chatting with someone. Might be at a bar, conference, or business meeting. You’re talking about your app — paid app to be precise — and decide that you’d like to share a copy of the app […]

Simulating Native Apps In iPhone Simulator For Better Demo Videos


On January 12, 2010

Guest author Aaron Kardell runs Performant Design, created the Best App Ever nominated iGarageSale, and will soon launch the service for realtors. As described in this article, the iPhone Simulator combined with screen capture software provide an easy way to record a demo video for your app. However, if a key part of your […]

Opening The Facebook App To Your Facebook Fan Page


On January 6, 2010

Guest author Robert Strojan (@blackoutrobb) is the founder and lead iPhone app developer at Blackout Labs. He is also a speaker at the 360|iDev Conference in April. In September I wrote a post on about opening the Facebook iPhone app from within another app or from the web with the Facebook app’s custom URLs. […]