Route-Me: An open-source map library for iPhone developers


On December 28, 2008

Route-Me is a new, open source map library for the iPhone, built using Objective C and using the fast CoreAnimation framework. It’s licensed under the new BSD license so you can use it for both commercial and non-commercial uses as long as you include the copyright notice and disclaimer in the documentation for your product […]

AppSales: App Store Sales Reports For Your Apps At Your Fingertips


On December 18, 2008

If you’re one of those developers who logs in to iTunes Connect ten times a day to keep an eye on the sales figures, AppSales is probably just the tonic you need! AppSales-Mobile is an iPhone app that allows you to download and easily analyze your daily and weekly sales reports from iTunes Connect. You […]

Cocos2D: Open Source 2D Game Engine for iPhone Developers



Cocos2D is an development framework for building 2D games and other graphical applications in Python. Cocos2D-iPhone offers more of the same, but focused at the iPhone and Objective C! It’s open source and makes it really easy to develop 2D games for the iPhone. There’s built-in support for physics (using Chipmunk), sprites, parallax scrolling, iPhone […]

Rhodes: A Tool To Bring Ruby Apps to the iPhone


On December 16, 2008

InfoQ’s Werner Schuster reports on Rhodes, a new open source toolkit developed by Rhomobile that makes it possible to run Ruby applications on the iPhone, Windows Mobile devices, and the BlackBerry. Support for Symbian and Android is set to follow. The code is hosted on Github. Rhodes works by packaging Ruby code with a Ruby […]

UIMonkey: JSCocoa-Powered Interactive Development Console


On November 25, 2008

Japanese iPhone developer Ku was struggling to get the hang of the transform property of UIView – and wanted a quick and easy way to manipulate the variables in real-time by trial and error to get a feel for it. He set to work, and the result is UIMonkey, a JSCocoa-powered interactive console for the […]

iPhone API Explorer: Take A Live Journey through the iPhone's Classes


On November 10, 2008

Patrick Collison is a Canadian-based Irish iPhone developer who has put together an “API Explorer” for the iPhone. Patrick’s API explorer shows an outline of the iPhone’s classes and uses Objective C’s run-time introspection to present the implemented protocols, methods, and instance variables of every loaded class. Not only that, but in many cases you […]

PhoneGap: Use the iPhone SDK's Features from HTML / JavaScript


On October 26, 2008

PhoneGap is a free and open source framework and development tool that opens up the iPhone’s SDK to Web developers – allowing them to access features such as the accelerometer and geo-location tools directly from HTML and Javascript powered Web pages. Support for accessing the camera and “vibration” are pending. The source is directly available […]