Aaand School Time is Here!

On September 9, 2013

Taking (good) notes is tantamount to having (good) grades. And with a good app nothing beats an iPad as a notetaking device. My.Notes and Documents (review linkdownload link) is such an app. As good as the other apps from their developers are (give a look to our reviews of My.Agenda and My.Agenda Planner.) My.Notes and Documents packs a huge amount of tools in one app: notepad, todo list and file manager.

My.Notes and Documents Review

Reading a lot is also part of being in school. Of course it is also big part of being employed and being looking for employment. Aaluminate (review linkdownload link,) the companion app to last week’s aaSsessMyVS is your eyes’ best friend. Trust us, if you don’t, read our reviews to find more.


Not everything is working, writing and reading. You can enjoy two very good games this week. The first, Pixel Gun 3D (review linkdownload link) places you in the middle of an almost Minecraft-y crafted world, but in the shoes of a FPS game. Roam around the map killing the undead foes. There’s also a multiplayer mode: go beat your friends! The second one is Ski Park HD (review linkdownload link) which lets you build a beautiful winter resort without needing to leave your bed. As far as park creation goes, this is a must.

Ski Park HD Review

Pixel Gun 3D Review

Finally, for the photography lovers out there, you can download the gorgeous Posegram (review linkdownload link): learn to pose for your pictures. With this app you have no excuse for having crappy pictures in your Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Posegram Review