Apple Acquires 'TestFlight' iOS Beta Testing Platform


On February 27, 2014

Apple has officially acquired Burstly, while the company name might not ring a bell most developers will be familiar with TestFlight perhaps the most popular iOS beta testing platform. According to sources within Burstly the company will be discontinuing its Android product effective as of March 21. Furthermore the will not be taking on new customers, current […]

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook gets updated with lots of new goodies.


On February 26, 2014

A while back we interviewed the guys behind the Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook, as you might remember Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook is “a comprehensive handbook on digital design covering much of our collective knowledge and process.” Not the gust at us two are happy to announced that they have updated the book adding more than 40 pages […]

9 Year Old and 8 Year Old Create Cross-Continent Mobile App in 5 Minutes!


On February 25, 2014

Flemish ICT Minister Geert Bourgeois and United Nations eGovernment Advisor Richard Kerby awarded a ‘Global Entrepreneur Award’ on behalf of Citadel-on-the-Move and the Linked Organization of Local Authorities to William Colglazier, age 9, and Alexander Glidden, age 8, for their new mobile App @Me-on-the-Move. What makes this app so great is the fact that it works in cities […]

Apple releases iOS 7.0.6 fixes major SSL bug


On February 24, 2014

The guys at Apple sure have been busy this past week, when they released an update to iOS 7 we had no idea just how important this update really was. According to a support document Apple has uncovered a major security flaw in iOS 7, this update should have fixed that, according to the support […]

Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 21 February 2014


On February 21, 2014

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Apple Will Counter The Samsung Galaxy’s Specifications With The iTunes Festival At SXSW – Next week at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Samsung is widely tipped to be releasing an update to the […]

Facebook acquires Whatsapp for staggering $19 Billion


On February 20, 2014

Even though it has been rumored for a while now, an SEC filing has made the rumors official. Facebook as acquired WhatsApp messaging service for a staggering $16 billion. If you are unfamiliar with WhatsApp, it is a messaging system currently available on several different platforms and pretty much works as an alternate to regular SMS services. […]

Microsoft relaunches SkyDrive as OneDrive


On February 19, 2014

A while back Microsoft announced that they would be making changes to SkyDrive. The biggest change is that the name has been changed to   OneDrive, earlier today Microsoft finally released the final version of their cloud service. The new service comes with a rebranded UI making all versions look similar. While the new iOS App […]

Apple releases update to iTunes Connect


On February 18, 2014

This is great news for the developers among our readers, yesterday Apple released an updated version of their iTunes Connect portal. If you are unfamiliar with iTunes Connect then it is the portal that developers use to manage their App Store apps. The new update has brought changes to the portal as well as bringing a new Sales […]

Five apps that make the world a better place


On February 17, 2014

Smartphones have bought a huge selection of apps to the palm of our hands. Many of them make a big difference to our day-to-day lives, but most people don’t realise that some apps can make a huge difference to charitable causes across the world as well. Amongst the games and social media apps are some […]

Apple, Google rejecting new Flappy apps



Last week Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store by the developer, within mere hours a slew of Flappy clones entered the App Store. Now however both Apple and Google are starting to fight back by rejecting any apps that are apparent clones of Flappy Bird. Any app with the word Flappy in the […]