Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 14 February 2014


On February 14, 2014

 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Report: Apple Is Working On A New Product Category Called The ‘iAnywhere’ – Forget the “iWatch,” or even the “iTV.” An upcoming new Apple product category could be the “iAnywhere,” according to JP Morgan Stanley […]

95% of all smartphones shipped in 2013 run iOS or Android


On February 13, 2014

According to the latest report on worldwide smartphone market highlighting shipments and marketshare by operating system for last quarter and all of 2013 by IDC, Android and iOS now make up more than 95% of all smartphone shipments. This is an increase of more than 4 percentage points since last year. Android is currently installed on almost […]

$45k Chupamobile App Developer Competition: Winners Announced


On February 12, 2014

A while back we reported Chupamobile was hosting an App Developer Competition. Now after 15 days of hard deliberation, they have chosen the winners of the mobile development Competition that will get the $45,000 prize! It has been a difficult decision as lots of great projects took part of the contest, but the team has pronounced a […]

Developer of Flappy Bird yanks app from App Store


On February 11, 2014

We must admit we were a little surprised when we first heard that Flappy Bird developer, Dong Nguyen, was considering removing the app from the App Store.  On Sunday  the move was then made final when the App was removed with the reasoning being that Nguyen couldn’t take the popularity anymore. The App quickly rose to the […]

Beatles Channel added to Apple TV


On February 10, 2014

The Beatles have been getting some love from Apple recently, first Apple added all Beatles albums to iTunes. To celebrate 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ American debut, they have added a dedicated Apple TV Channel with the first U.S. appearance of the 60s pop group on The Ed Sullivan Show. First it looked as if […]

Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 7 February 2014



 Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Apple Yanks World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet From App Store – Late Wednesday, the tech giant yanked the Blockchain app from the popular mobile app marketplace and did not provide a specific reason, says […]

Samsung asks Olympic athletes to cover Apple logo on personal iPhones


On February 6, 2014

Samsung must really be worried about Apple stealing their customers, as an official  sponsor of the Sochi 2014 Olympics has given all olympic athletes a Galaxy note to sue during the Olympic Games. There is one little catch to this gift however as Samsung has asked all athletes to cover the logo on their personal iPhones. […]

President Obama uses iPad to take videos during visit to school


On February 5, 2014

It is no secret that President Obama is a fan of Apple products, on several occasions he has been seen carrying around and iPad, he has also been seen using a Mac however the logo was covered by the Presidential seal. He previously stated that he wanted to carry an iPhone however due to security […]

Pebble opens App Store to add apps to Pebble Smart Watch


On February 4, 2014

During the CES 2014, Pebble originally announced they would be launching an app store. The store was to feature several new watch faces as well as apps that can be downloaded onto the Pebble. Now the App Store has officially been launched, the store shares similarities with the Apple and Google App Stores. This is the first time […]

Sony releases firmware update to QX10 and QX100


On February 3, 2014

Back in December Sony promised  to release a firmware update to their QX lens cameras, I think they did mention something about January back then but anyways the fact is today Sony released the promised update to their smartphone lens cameras. If you are unfamiliar with the QX series then it is the lens cameras […]