iSign – Review


On January 10, 2009


By: Aaron Basil

Version: Version 1.00

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Date: 2008-08-28

Price: 7.99


Got A New Touch? We’re Here To Help


On December 29, 2008

An interesting piece over on ars technica suggests that there are tons of new iPod Touch users thanks to the holiday season.

The post notes that the Touch earned top spots in Amazon’s sales ranking.

And the proof goes on. App sales spiked Christmas day, suggesting that many had just unwrapped a shiny new Touch and were going to town downloading everything in sight. (Remember those days veteran users??)

So yes, all indications are that a lot of folks are getting started with new devices.  So what are we doing about it? A Lot! 

iPhone App Review – The Case For Mental Case


On December 6, 2008

There has never been a doubt in my mind that the iPhone than the iPod Touch had the potential to be superb educational tools. They just needed the right tool. Well, the right tool exists and it is amazing.

I’ve been meaning to write about Mental Case for some time now and the release of version 2 of the iPhone app definitely calls for a full review.  This update changes the entire application and its power and makes it nothing short of a "must have" for any student at any age!

There are two parts to Mental Case. There is a Mac application and an iPhone/iPod Touch application. They can work independently of one another but when used together are even more powerful.

We’ll look at both…

Did You Know? – Review


On September 10, 2008

Did You Know?

By: Ethan Allen

Version: 1.0.0

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Date: 2008-08-06

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What’s On (My) iPhone- Daniel Ortiz Edition


On August 27, 2008

I’m not only the newest member of the WhatsOniPhone team but I am also the youngest.

We all love our iPhones but depending on our stage in life our needs are going to be different. As a result, the apps we use most will (likely) be different too.

Dan’s been writing about what’s on his iPhone and focusing on the apps he uses most.

I thought I would do the same…

So, What’s On (My) iPhone?…

We Welcome The Newest Member Of WOiP- Ben Jacobs


On June 23, 2008

Okay… I did it. The other day I temporarily jailbroke my iPod Touch.

Why? Because I really wanted to see what the jailbreak version of Moo-Cow-Music’s BAND is like prior to its release via iTunes and the AppStore next month.

What’s it like? It… Is… Amazing! I mean, to have a band on your iPhone– it blew my mind.

Band might look like a toy but it has the potential to be a serious musical instrument (instruments, actually).

And that is coming from a non-musician. A quick search of YouTube and you can see what people with musical talent are already doing with Band. Yep, it is amazing!

We already know that Band and Intua’s BeatMaker (a portable music studio) are coming to the AppStore. Those two little applications have the potential to turn the iPhone and iPod Touch into a pocket-sized music studio. And those are just the music-based applications we know about. Who knows what amazing software will be available in a month, or two, or three. Maybe we’ll see iPhone versions of SoundStudio, GarageBand or… who knows.

If only we had a real musician, someone who is talented in writing and recording his own tunes AND has technical knowledge and experience in music recording and production, to really do justice to the reviews of applications like Band, BeatMaker and all the rest that will follow…

Oh yeah- WE DO!

Join us as we welcome the newest member of WhatsOniPhone– Benjamin Jacobs.