6 things that have disappeared due to the iPhone


On January 14, 2014


With the advent of the iPhone, several social environment elements were affected. We present six things that have disappeared with the advent of the iPhone. 7 years ago, the CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, showed the phone of the future, iPhone. At that time, in 2008, Jobs wanted to achieve by the end […]

Apple is preparing a series of giant iPhones called phablets


On January 6, 2014

iphone phablet

With 5.7 inch or larger screens, the new iPhone phone series could be announced in May 2014, earlier than the top of the range iPhone 6 planned for September. Framed in a more affordable price, the new phablet from Apple uses the same chipset and model met at iPhone 5S, leaving the A8 variant with […]

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Intelligent people use iPhone. See the test rankings


On January 5, 2014


A British company has created an online test for smartphones owners, users resolving it in 94 seconds, while those from BlackBerry finished it in 118 seconds. The mobile phone is no longer just utility or displaying a welfare state, recently helping us evolving. That shows a test involving more than 2,000 smartphone users, a test […]

iPhones beat Android on the Christmas shopping


On December 27, 2013


If Christmas purchases boom ended, a study captures the importance of iPhones and iPads on this festive period. It should not come as a surprise that online purchases are conducted by the same portable gadgets. For this reason, the people at Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub – an IBM company, took advantage of the magic of […]

Here are the main problems reported by users when using the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display


On December 22, 2013


Recently launched on the market, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina Display are included in a new study that compared the problems encountered by users during the process of use of some of the most popular tablets of the moment. The study was conducted by people from FixYa, a company specializing in diagnosing and solving […]

Apple seeks practical ways to solar charge iPhones and laptops


On November 2, 2013


According to clues found in a patent application, Apple investigates new ways to enable the practical use of solar panels to power mobile devices. Encountered in not very successful implementations, provided by lesser known companies, solar chargers for mobile devices are considered rather fancy gadgets that have no real practical use for ordinary users. This […]

Two Years Marks Since The Death Of Steve Jobs. See Backstage Incredible Secrets Of The First iPhone!


On October 6, 2013

iphone new

Spicy details were disclosed about iPhone development from January 2007, San Francisco. When approaching one of the most important presentations of the history of Apple. But one of the chief engineers at Apple, Andy Grignon, was not thrilled that he must come to the conference. So begins the story of Fred Vogelstein about some of the more […]

Status Message On Your iPhone – Good Idea Or Violation Of Privacy?


On August 24, 2013

According to a new patent registered by Apple, iPhone series mobile phones could receive support for status messages visible in the address book of friends. Patent application entitled “Methods for determining the availability of a mobile phone user base status” describes how to use a style of status message posted on social networking and instant […]

iPhone Sales Topped Wall Street Estimates – Apple Promises A Busy Autumn With New Products


On July 24, 2013

Apple has overcome significant sales estimates proposed by Wall Steet and sold in the third fiscal quarter of this year 31.2 million iPhone smartphones. Analysts estimated that Apple will sell in the mentioned period, 26 million phones. Figures released by Apple are not as good on the sales side of the iPad. In the third […]

Apple Is Testing iPhones With 4-inch Screens And iPads With 13 Inch Screens


On July 22, 2013

Apple tests, together with its partners, iPhones with screens larger than 4 inches, but also iPads that have a diagonal screens close to 13 inches. The American company is testing these products for years to see if their release would help them attract a large number of consumers, but so far failed to produce a […]